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How can I bring a presentation anywhere? These portable projectors have a handheld design and are made with travel in mind. Each unit has a surprisingly small size for easily fitting into a bag and taking on the road. The lightweight portable projectors are excellent for traveling businessmen and women for bringing demonstrations to events. While they're easy to transport, they also feature high quality video and presentations in a widescreen format. They also include speakers for audio, creating an all-in-one setup. Our portable projectors only need a media source, such as a phone or a device with HDMI output to create a convenient viewing experience.

What other features makes these pocket projectors excellent for sharing media?
  • Our portable projectors for iPhone and Android use long-lasting LEDs with a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. Compared to LCD technology, light emitting diodes create better colors, require less maintenance, and are far more power efficient. LEDs are also much more compact and generate less heat.
  • These pocket size pico projectors feature a widescreen FWVGA or WXGA display. Choose from models with an 854 by 480 pixel output or a higher resolution of 1280 by 720. The smaller size is great for slideshows and traditional presentations while the latter excels at high definition video and displaying small type in spreadsheets.
  • How mobile are these lightweight pico projectors for business? Each device has an internal battery, meaning that you don't need an outlet to create a convenient viewing experience. These have a life of up to 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the brightness settings, before they need recharging.
  • Connecting devices to play content has never been easier. Anything with an HDMI output, like a tablet, computer, laptop, game console, or disc player will be displayed with this AV equipment. Some of these models can connect over Wi-Fi for featuring media wirelessly. Another option is to use content from your phone for a truly mobile presentation!
  • These handheld models create a projection measuring up to 100". This is a huge display for such a small device.
  • Choose a unit that best suits your needs. If you're looking for something that boosts brightness, pick a model with DLP Intellibright™ technology, which boosts brightness and contrast while saving energy. Heavy smartphone users will enjoy Miracast, which allows users to mirror the contents of their phone onto the projection. Auto-keystone correction and auto-focus will automatically adjust the display to match the target surface for quick, effortless setup.

These handheld pico projectors for iPads and cell phones have a convenient design that revolutionizes group watching experiences. While they're great for creating business demonstrations, they have a wide variety of other uses as well. Churches can feature lyrics for worship, making it easy for the congregation to follow along. Schools and colleges can share one of these between classrooms to save money. They can move from room to room far more easily than the bulky units of the past! Why not use them for family gatherings as well? Millennials will appreciate this easy way to create a giant display for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos from their iPhone. For a professional display, browse our projection screens and set up a truly high quality watching experience so you don't have to beam it on a wall. Create your own theater anywhere!

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