Custom Tablecloths with Dye Sublimation Printing - Full Color Graphics

Event Table Covers with Custom Printing for Promotional Graphics

custom dye sub printed tablecloth

Need to feature your company's logo at a trade show? Look no further than our custom tablecloths with dye sublimation printing. Each table cover is made to feature your images in vivid full color that will not peel or fade. Custom tablecloths with dye sublimation printing are excellent for displaying promotional messages because they produce vibrant shades that easily capture attention. Personalized booth cloths are great for commercial events, job fairs, art festivals, and school functions. Use custom tablecloths with dye sublimation printing to feature your messaging and artwork for an effective presentation.

What are the benefits of using table covers with this printing process?
  • Custom tablecloths with dye sublimation printing are known for producing vivid colors. This is because the ink is absorbed by the white fabric, making different tones highly visible.
  • These custom tablecloths also feature high image quality, comparable to photographs. This is because the process uses continuous tones, rather than halftones used in digital imprinting where basic colors are mixed to simulate others.
  • Dye sub printing for custom tablecloths creates long lasting images that are great for traveling. The polyester fabric is very durable and are machine washable without any damage to the graphic. This material is additionally flame retardant for safety.
  • Personalized images can be printed all over the custom tablecloth for a full display. Get attention with a fully imprinted cover that features more promotional messaging than other linens.

Tablecloths with dye sub printing are the best option for companies looking to feature their vibrant designs, logos, and artwork. Not only are graphics more colorful than ones made with other processes, but they can cover more area and even last longer. However, there are other ways to feature personalized images that come with their own benefits. Read our article on types of fabric printing for more about the different methods of custom imprinting.

Our tablecloths with full color images make great promotional tools, whether you're fighting for attention at a trade show or celebrating a special event. Save money by ordering in bulk on as all products are available with wholesale pricing.

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