Digital Donation Boxes - Electronic Suggestion & Charity Fixtures with Video Screens

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Ballot Boxes with Digital Video Displays Collect Info and Promote Your Event

How do I get people to notice my raffle or fundraiser? These digital donation boxes feature branded media alongside your collection container. What better way to draw attention to your event than with a campaign focused video advertisement. Digital donation boxes are great for promoting your cause with both visuals and audio messages that are guaranteed to turn heads. Collection fixtures with flatscreen displays make it easy to add and broadcast your personalized promotion. Order digital donation boxes with same day shipping and get advertising fixtures on short notice.

What makes these collection bins with flat panel screens excellent for promoting your cause?
  • Digital donation boxes with video screens are available with LCD panels of different sizes. Entry bins with a 21.5" monitors offer the largest display. Both single-sided and double-sided models are available. Models with a 7" screen will make a big impression on your audience, but not on your wallet. Choose this smaller option for its portable design and affordable price.
  • Our donation boxes with video screens are easy to update with your organization's media. Each of the contribution containers has a USB port and SD card slot for accepting the most common storage devices. All of these entry bins include a thumb drive for easily transferring your media from the computer. The fixtures also include an HDMI port to work with devices like Blu-ray players and laptops.
  • Both floor standing and countertop donation boxes with video screens include extra features like sign frames and entry form holders. This is great for increasing your promotional capabilities. Use the extra advertising space to feature more messaging and give away informative brochures about your cause. Keep your audience informed so they can contribute to your organization with confidence.
  • Want to bring your flat panel donation box to a busy event? These suggestion fixtures are made of durable materials to weather travel and crowded interiors. The floor stand donation boxes are metal, while countertop models are acrylic.
Why use these electronic ballot entry fixtures?
  • Charity bins are much more effective when people can see where their contribution is going. For example, a non-profit that cares for animals can feature cute puppies and kittens to get passersby to empathize and donate.
  • At raffles, people will be motivated to enter the contest when you show them what they have a chance at winning. Whether the prize is a tablet computer or a brand new car, this will excite attendees and get them to buy a ticket.
  • Donation boxes with electronic signage are excellent for collecting leads at trade shows. Advertise your company with attention grabbing videos and feature your logo prominently to leave an impression on attendees.
  • Electronic collection bins are also great for voting. Use these during an election to feature the different options and the importance of the outcome.

Suggestion bins with a video capabilities are perfect for attracting and informing passersby at busy events. Moving visuals and attention-grabbing audio will get people to notice your organization at any get-together. Fundraisers, elections, raffles can all use these electronic collection bins. These fixtures double as ballot boxes, allowing employees and customers to vote for internal competitions, on products, or for their favorite employee. Engage with customers at check-out by using multimedia frames to filter through special promotions, employee photos, or event news.

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