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Aluminum Poster Frames for Wall Hanging Advertisements

Poster Frames with Snap-Open, Slide-in, Swing-Open and Rear-Loading Styles — Lightweight Aluminum Construction

Looking for affordable ways to mount advertising graphics for your store or business? This extensive collection of aluminum poster frames offers inexpensive metal framing in an array of sizes. Our advertising enclosures are available in four loading styles. Store owners who are multi-tasking at the register, waiting on customers, and juggling marketing tasks appreciate aluminum poster frames that are loaded from the front or simply slide in on one side. Restaurant and cafe managers also have to balance time spent with customers with their promotional duties, so they too like the convenience of fast-loading wall displays. Real estate and travel agencies rely on ready-made print holders to advertise new properties and trips whose prices are subject to frequent change.

For decorative artwork in hotels, hospitals, and professional offices a more permanent mounting style is preferred so we offer a rear-loading option with a slightly more complex mounting system to secure heavier framing with glass and matting. Each of these styles are meant for wall mounting but some two-sided systems can be hung from the ceiling in a mall or positioned in a store front window. Our aluminum poster frames, also known as wall mounted graphics holders, feature sleek extrusions with flat or beveled profiles. Non-glare plastic or acrylic lens covers protect the enclosed artwork. Hardware is included for displaying graphics in portrait or landscape orientation.

These aluminum poster frames come in brushed or polished silver, black, and faux wood finishes. Looking for popular sizes? We've got 'em. From 77" banners, to movie prints, to letter-sized ads you run off your home printer, our wide assortment of quick-change and permanent framing draws attention to advertising graphics and artwork.

Snap-open poster frames feature a front-loading design that enables quick updates of the promotional prints. The four sides are lifted independently of one another so old graphics can be switched up in two steps. Spring loaded hardware under the extrusion ensures a snug fit once graphics are pressed into the channel. Snap frames come as small as 4" x 6" all the way up to 40" x 60".

An outdoor-rated version of this wall mounted graphics holder is available with a rubber gasket interior to protect the contents from moisture. Clamp hardware secures graphics to these poster frames for larger-scale artwork up to 77". These snap-open banner holders are a go-to for outdoor messaging.

Slide-in metal frames can be updated right on the wall without removing the frame. Most retailers prefer this type of readymade signage to traditional picture holders that have layers of glass and complex hardware systems. The smallest size in this style is 8.5" x 11", which makes it easy for marketers to run their own signs of their home or office computer. The largest frames in this collection are sized 27" x 40".

Rear-loading picture enclosures feature a sophisticated molding that looks upscale, so they are a great choice for displaying corporate artwork that will stay mounted permanently. Some of our print holders in this style come with a backer and retainer clips. Steel connectors are mitered into the corners to support heavier artwork. Sizes in this style include the popular 18" x 24" and 24" x 36".

Swing-open poster framing is easy to access due to the hinge design. These picture holders support a wide range of media sizes from 8.5" x 11" to 36" x 48". Many of the styles featuring this design come with black and white mats. A gravity lock system helps the displayed image stay put inside the enclosure. A pre-attached mounting bracket, screws and anchors are shipped with your purchase for wall mounting. The backer here has a wood framing structure in lieu of foam board backing common to other styles.

We have many style, size, and color options to choose from. Shop Displays2go for all of your commercial and residential signage and framing needs. Order in bulk to lower the cost of your promotional metal framing for your business or store.

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