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Easels with Write-On Boards - Floor Standing Wood and Menu Blackboards

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Write-On Easels for Stick Chalk and Wet Erase Markers

Need bold floor standing signage with total customization? Using our easels with write-on boards, users can teach lessons, advertise their store, and feature specials menus. Our markerboards are great for displaying promotional messages and artwork in bright, vivid colors. These bar easels with write-on boards are also available with a backlit surface for even better visibility. Classic black chalkboards are great for classrooms, but their affordable and easy-change design is ideal for promotion as well. Easels with write-on boards lets you quickly get your ideas across to your audience, the only limit is your imagination!

Where can these floor standing writing surfaces be used?
  • Restaurants and bars often promote themselves using easels with write-on boards outside their establishments. These display stands are excellent for advertising drinks and specials alongside attractive artwork. Our bright liquid chalk markers are ideal for creating vivid messaging and illustrations. Beautiful drawings and colorful text easily catch the attention of passersby, especially when combined with tripods' already attractive design. Use these restaurant sign stands to give everyone walking by more information about your menu items as well as special events and offers.
  • Retail stores also use easels with blackboards to entice potential customers. It's easy to create bright, informative messaging that will get passersby to come in from the sidewalk. Advertise new merchandise, limited time offers, and holiday sales events with colored markers that make promotions pop. Establishments like nail salons and hairdressers can quickly convey their prices with a beautiful illustration to grab people's attention. Each of the markerboards has a collapsible design for storage when the store closes or it starts to rain. Simply remove the writing surface frame, fold the tripod, and bring them in.
  • Classrooms are great for these chalkboard easel stands. Our tripods with classic chalk blackboards are useful for teachers, instructors, and professors in a range of institutions. Because they feature a smaller design than large wall mounted writing surfaces, these chalkboards offer a space for announcements and the most important lessons. These floor standing displays are the perfect place to keep students informed about homework and upcoming due dates.

Illuminated markerboard stands have an attractive design that lights up writing and artwork from behind. Each backlit writing surface includes a number of dazzling effects to make sure that no one misses your signage. Choose from a variety of illuminated colors that mix with different inks. The markerboards can additionally cycle through different shades of light for an eye-catching rainbow effect. Each unit uses energy efficient LEDs that last for tens of thousands of hours, perfect for constant display.

Why chalkboard easels? This style of tripod stand has a portable design that facilitates transportation and storage, but it also has a second benefit. Most of these restaurant signs can adjust to showcase chalk and marker boards in portrait or landscape orientation. Many models can change the display height as well. Use all of these features to create the perfect tool for marketing your business or teaching your class.

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