Telescoping Easels with Adjustable, Portable Design

Tripod Easels with Secure, Telescoping Legs

Easel with telescoping legs

Need a portable sign holder or presentation stand? These telescoping easels easily adjust for transportation and storage. Our tripod displays are made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum making them excellent for bringing presentations on the road. Telescoping easels are made to hold heavy poster frames and flip charts, often many times their own weight. The collapsible graphic stands excel at grabbing attention in office conferences, art galleries, and even trade shows with their stand-out design. Our telescoping easels make announcements, artwork, and event signage the center of attention.

What options are available with these adjustable tripods?
  • Our telescoping easels come in a variety of designs to accommodate artistic and promotional use. Most of our tripods are made of aluminum that's both lightweight and durable — perfect for travel. However, some are made of plastic for an even lighter fabrication that's ideal for frequent transportation.
  • Many adjustable easels can switch between floor and countertop standing display. This is great for accommodating different environments. Traveling sales representatives can present their pitch on the floor of an empty conference room or on the desk in a cramped office. No matter where these fixtures are brought, there's space for their attention-grabbing presentation.
  • Portable display stands with a top clamp can support flip charts and secure poster frames. This holder has an adjustable design to fit media of different sizes and thicknesses with ease. Models without clamps are also available, allowing the graphic to simply rest on the fixture's arms.
  • Easels with a poster holder are great as all-in-one solutions in retail stores and restaurants. The included snap frame makes replacing advertisements and menus a breeze. Simply roll back the edges for access to the print and the clear protective lens. Our selection of quick change snap open frames feature new promotional graphics and event information with ease.
  • Our floor standing and countertop displays can include a convenient carrying bag that's ideal for transportation. Traveling sales reps, artists, and trade show exhibitors can all benefit from these lightweight graphic holders.

Portable easels are excellent for calling attention to ads, artwork, and event info. Their striking angled design always stands out from other fixtures, assuring that passersby will take a look. That's why convention centers and hotels often use them to notify where events are taking place. Trade show exhibitors can feature these folding marketing tools as they're easy to transport. It's easy to feature these fixtures on the floor or the booth to match any expo's space requirements.

Adjustable tripods with flip charts are unbeatable for featuring commercial and educational presentations. They are easily moved from location to location and once set up, have a large display. Feature lots of important information without having to accommodate the various computer systems that companies and schools use. Look no further when deciding how to pitch your great idea to the world.

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