Flip Chart Easels with Wheeled and Stationary Designs

Tripod Stands with a Variety of Finishes Help Convey Data Effectively

Looking for a way to display valuable information? Flip chart easels help display the important stuff — whether it’s analytical data, brainstorming ideas from a meeting, or classroom notes. We sell tripods in a variety of styles and finishes in portable and stationary designs. Flip chart easels are essential for any location that needs to analyze information or have a space to think creatively. These tripod stands are made from a sturdy material like metal for added support since users typically write on them with pens and markers. Our flip chart easels are versatile, able to be used in a variety of settings, and are portable enough to be taken on the road if you’re traveling to trade shows or other temporary events.

Where can I use these tripod stands? Flip chart easels with a whiteboard surface
  • Flip chart easels are often found at presentations pre-filled with information for the presenter to have at-hand and act as larger-than-life note cards.
  • Art classes use tripod stands for sketching and drawing. Since these hold a whole pad of paper, artists can feel free to use as much as they need — especially if they’re still learning.
  • Teachers enhance their lessons using A1 pads to engage with their students. These can be used in schools of all kinds as a matter of fact! Looking for other tripods for education? We have wooden easels for the classroom with chalkboard and whiteboard finishes.
  • Offices and corporate settings for brainstorming latest ideas or analyzing data. It’s always important to get every idea out on paper and with these stands that make it easy.
  • Coaches can sketch out strategies and plays during practices or even on game day.

These are only just some of the ways to use our tripod stands. Since there’s a variety of applications for them, we think it’s important to have ones available with a ton of options. Besides the stationary and mobile units, we have stands that are height adjustable, ones that are convertible between floor and countertop, and models with a built-in whiteboard with a magnetic surface. Shop online at Displays2go to find the perfect tripod stand for you and your business.

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