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Stock Food & Restaurant Flags

Restaurant Flags Attract Street Traffic w/ Colorful Dipslays

Looking for more creative ways to drive new customers into your coffee shop, bar, or diner? These high-viability restaurant flags are a great way to capture attention and remind patrons of the delicious menu options you have inside. Radio, printed, and word of mouth advertisement works for most establishments but attracting new customers is difficult no matter what served. Use restaurant flags as an alternative to LED neon signs hung by your storefront. By flying a street-side banner, hungry passersby will be reminded of their options and increases the possibility they will come in!

Feather flags come with pre-printed messages to meet the needs of a variety of food options. The vibrant colors help your restaurant stand out from from the road and drive more traffic through the door. Banners are made from a durable high-quality double-hemmed nylon designed to withstand the elements. Colors are resistant to fading, to ensure that these flags will work hard through many seasons to attract new customers. These 14' feather flags tower over other advertisements and demand attention. Set up takes 5 minutes to connect and dress the segmented pole arm before securing your new flag with a ground spike.

What kinds of restaurants can use these flags?

Anywhere that sells food can work, but here are our top options!

  • Ice Cream
  • Seafood
  • Pizza
  • Fresh Hot Coffee
  • BBQ
  • Cocktails
  • Food

Advertising banners, like these restaurant flags are great for year-round displays. Purchase multiple display options in bulk to highlight different menu options or mix-up your storefront through the seasons. Our feather flags are designed for prolonged use outside, and will be a sound investment that instantly drives new customers through your door. Banners are able to withstand storm winds of up to 25 mph, but we suggest bringing them inside during inclement weather situations. To maximize display options with a personal flare, pair food banners with custom printed business banners. Upload your own logo or company image to make a one-of-a-kind flag display that will help your restaurant stand out!

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