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Wood Countertop Magazine Holders Add Upscale Presentation to Interiors

Wooden Tabletop Displays for Periodicals Feature Warm Wood-Stained Finishes

Out of all the kinds of literature pockets out there, choosing styles made with natural materials is always an attractive option. Our wood countertop magazine holders are no exception. Plastic laminates may simulate the look, but the beauty of REAL hardwood is impossible to reproduce. Most of these solid wood countertop magazine holders are fabricated with Northern Red Oak. A well-known hardwood, this abundant species is the most widely used material for furnishings and flooring. Oak comes with a Janka Hardness Scale rating of 1290 and has become the industry benchmark for comparing relative species (from hardest to softest). As a result, it's no accident our wood countertop magazine holders use this material to the best of its advantages!

What can these wooden tabletop literature displays do for you and your business?

  • Our wood countertop magazine holders are available in single or multiple-pocket designs. Clear acrylic stops help keep your reading materials in place while providing a clear view of the literature displayed. Small enough to be placed on counters or tables, they keep waiting rooms and other public areas neat and organized. Rotating models display the most amount of magazines with 8 individual pockets.
  • Many people like to bring magazine/catalog pockets with them to trade shows, job fairs, and other traveling events. This where our exclusive "knockdown" designs come into play. These styles can be easily assembled and disassembled to fit inside a carry-on bag. How's that for convenience! The pockets are made from thin, slotted plywood in black or you can choose to buy the non-finished holders and paint them yourself.
  • Another flavor is the newspaper holder. These models are manufactured just like the other oak magazine pockets but feature a 2-tier design — helpful if displaying different papers. Thanks to their larger size, they can be used for many other applications. Legal-size documents like mortgages and deeds will fit, as well as presentation folders (used to store 8.5" x 11" papers).

Many customers have reviewed our wooden literature holders and state what a difference real wood adds to the overall presentation. The legal, healthcare, and hospitality industries are all prime examples of upscale environments. In these cases, displaying reading materials in pockets built to resemble furniture sounds only natural. For more every-day applications, tabletop literature holders made from steel wire offer practical function over form — at low, low prices!

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