Small Digital Signage Kiosks Feature Electronic Marketing and Information

Portable digital A-frame sign

Freestanding Digital Signage Kiosks with Small Footprints

Looking for attractive marketing displays that you can place almost anywhere? Our small digital signage kiosks promote brands with video, audio, and images. These freestanding electronic signs have light, compact designs that can fit in most retail stores, malls, transportation terminals, and service organizations. Small digital signage kiosks are great for promotion because their plug-n-play design makes them easy to use. Video advertising grabs attention with high visibility messaging that can be tailored to any marketing campaign. Shop our small digital signage kiosks to promote products and services with eye catching electronic media.

What types of advertising screen displays do we offer?
  • Our small digital signage kiosks, also known as electronic photo frames or menu stands, feature simple designs. These fixtures feature a 21.5" LED screen with a metal or acrylic support. Flatscreens can tilt, rotate, and change height to meet the needs of retail stores and agencies. With their internal media player, they play advertisements from SD cards and USB devices. Easily feature menus in restaurants or promote new product lines in department stores with these plug-n-play screens.
  • A-frame digital signage kiosks feature larger displays yet they're highly portable. Each electronic sandwich board has a folding design that makes them easier to transport and store. These 32" and 43" portrait flatscreens have 1080p HD resolutions for high quality graphics. In addition, the fixtures have user-friendly Android OS installed that makes content management a breeze. With Wi-Fi connectivity, promotional media can be uploaded to the device wirelessly. Buy with the optional DisplayIt! Xpress content management system to control multiple signs at once, push files from a desktop PC, and feature feeds and widgets.
  • Compact digital signage kiosks with literature pockets are ideal for dispensing promotional materials while playing video ads. Each fixture has a 10" screen and 10 wire pockets for dispensing 8.5" x 11" magazines. These flat panels are secured by locking brackets and include a mini-HDMI port for external media players. Promoting magazines and catalogs with video messaging is ideal for selling periodicals or getting a company's word out.

These electronic signage kiosks are excellent for reaching out to customers and visitors. Want an interactive display that lets patrons browse catalogs and order from menus? Our commercial touchscreen stands gives customers control of how they view your products. These high-tech promotional tools work just like smartphones, using the familiar Android OS that makes navigation easy. Choose these engaging signage kiosks to drive sales with innovative marketing.

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