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1/4" Pegboard Displays Create Merchandising Racks with Hanger Hooks

set of two wall mounted pegboards

Wall and Floor Pegboard Displays Made with 1/4" Deep Holes

Want a high density merchandise shelving area that's easy to customize? Our 1/4" pegboard displays feature items with hooks, shelves, and other peg accessories. These retail fixtures create an efficient solution for selling and organizing food, jewelry, clothing, electronics, and tools in large quantities. The 1/4" pegboard displays are highly customizable, featuring large grids of holes spaced 1" apart on center that let store owners decide where to place their peg hooks and shelves. This makes it easy to move accessories to accommodate stock of different sizes and make the most of your space. Choose 1/4" pegboard displays to create economical merchandising solutions for your business.

What types of quarter inch thick peg organizers are offered here?
  • Wall mounted 1/4" pegboard displays have large areas for holding shelves and hooks. These boards are made of MDF with a glossy melamine finish in a variety of attractive colors. The simple wall panels are great for placement behind checkout counters where they can feature high-interest merchandise like electronics and jewelry. Of course, they can cover any empty space with efficient retail shelving.
  • Our gondola pegboard displays create excellent floor standing fixtures. The sturdy racks make it easy to form aisles and fill space by the wall. These kits include a heavy-duty steel base as well as shelves and hooks to get your merchandising layout started. Gondola shelving is easy to assemble by simply snapping the pieces together without any tools required.
  • Standalone peg hooks are ideal for filling out existing units. Our metal accessories are made for quarter inch thick pegboards, commonly made with MDF or perforated hardboard. These strong steel hooks are available in a variety of lengths to hold more merchandise or fit into smaller spaces.

These pegboards all have a backing that measures 0.25 inches in thickness. It's important to make sure that your hangers and shelves will fit securely into the fixture. Of the peg fixtures that we offer, MDF and perforated hardboard units fit this size. If you have a metal fixture, it's likely that it has a thinner eighth-inch backer. Browse our 1/8" peg fixtures for spinner racks and secure locking hooks.

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