Cable Suspension Display Systems are Heavy Duty Hanging Signage Systems

8.5 x 11 Sign Holders with Ceiling-to-Floor Cable - Clear
More Number of Rows & Orientation Options Available!

Steel Poster Cable Suspension Systems for Displaying Hanging Retail Signs and Advertisements

Are you looking for a hanging signage kit to seamlessly present promotional material, wayfinders, or directories? Our cable suspension display systems are an all-in-one solution which includes panel holders ceiling mounts, S-hooks, and rolls of cable. Use metal cable suspension display systems to hang marketing material overhead and capture the attention of passersby with high-impact ceiling mounts. Retail locations, restaurants, community centers, and colleges all take advantage of bulk signage kits as an effective alternative to traditional wall mounted. Use a steel cable suspension display system to avoid the bulkiness of floor standing presentations. These kits provide more room for merchandise on the sales floor while utilizing visible overhead real estate.

Why hang promotional posters from the ceiling?

  • Steel cable suspension display systems help marketers utilize space that many retailers overlook; these same areas are incredibly helpful for customers looking for wayfinding tooltips, sales information, and direction. Wire rope hanging kits are an impactful method to draw the attention of your guests with overhead posters.
  • Sign hanging hardware
  • Ceiling drop sign systems feature thin metal wire cords which can hardly be seen from afar. Our customers use these sign hanging kits to make their graphics appear as if they are levitating. This places the focus on your poster above all else, drawing your customer's attention to areas your competitors are sure to leave empty.
  • Wire rope suspension display systems support a large variety of retail and office advertising mediums including banners and acrylic panels. Customers who choose one of our hanging kits find themselves with all of the hardware necessary to support promotional signage for years to come. Each wire rope suspension display includes everything you need, simply provide your own promotional graphics and get ready to wow your customers with overhead advertisements!

Our metal poster hanging bundle is a heavy duty solution that can be installed in plaster, sheetrock, or just about any type of ceiling. Choose a signage bundle to reliably hold heavier acrylic panels while maintaining a sleek, professional appearance. This hardware is built to endure long-term use in heavily trafficked environments as well as frequent graphic changes. The brushed silver color matches the decor of restaurants, supermakrets, offices, and retail locations. We also carry extensive lines of wall mounted and floor standing for those who need a wider variety of ad placement. Displays2go carries a plethora of frames, hangers, and standing mounts for business-related signage and advertisements as well as some of the best custom printing solutions on the market today. Shop us as your go-to from inception to the final presentation!

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