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Tensabarrier® Retractable Stanchions

Retractable Belt Crowd Control Stanchions by Tensabarrier®

Do you need to organize a queue line for your bank, hotel, or restaurant? Tensabarrier retractable stanchions provide a stable, highly visible marker that will keep large crowds orderly and moving efficiently through your business. Each post features a weighted base to prevent tipping and accidents during high-traffic periods. Separate checkout lines from express service or return lanes using fixtures with 7.5-foot bands. The cartridges allow you to make the belt longer or shorter for a greater variety of spacing when fitting these floor standing Tensabarrier retractable stanchions to your space. At high-capacity events, cordon off a large, VIP-only area with the 13-foot band models by creating a rectangle with posts at each corner. The clean and sleek silhouette is ideal for any number of indoor applications, from movie theaters, food courts, and airports, to concerts and festivals. Simply choose the right finish and belt color for your space. Tensabarrier retractable stanchions help you reliably and elegantly manage the queueing experience through quality construction and attractive styling options.

What finish options are available?

  • Polished chrome — when you need to really make a big splash, this reflective coating is sure to be noticed. With a mirror-like quality, these posts feel contemporary and forward-thinking and make an excellent contrast in minimalist environments.
  • Satin — the middle ground between flat and high-gloss styles, there are three distinct color choices in this finish:
    • Chrome — with more luster, this option is perfect for areas where you're looking to stand out, but not too much. Excellent for commercial applications where black would blend in too much and flashiness is not desired.
    • Brass — bold, yet classy, this finish creates a statement, yet remains subdued and pairs well with red belts. Perfect for movie theaters looking to achieve a style from yesteryear.
    • Black — a heavily industrial look, this option is the most modern of our offerings. With just a hint of sheen, these posts fit in well with a wide variety of businesses and interior decor styles.
  • Matte black — classic, unobtrusive, and sensible, this finish is the most versatile. Great for utilitarian spaces, this crowd control post won't compete with the decor.

To fully match these Tensabarrier retractable stanchions to your space, choose from either a solid color or striped belt. The right accent on your queue line fixtures can often be the final piece to a carefully-considered interior design project. Are you constantly moving and rearranging your crowd control layouts? A set of retractable barriers is the perfect solution for ever-changing spaces. Get all the layout versatility of static floor standing posts, thanks to the 13-foot belt.

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