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Tensabarrier® Receivers - Posts and Wall Mounts for Retractable Stanchions

Terminating Posts and Wall-Mounted Belt Receivers for Tensabarrier® Stanchions

Do you need an endpoint for your queue line setup? These Tensabarrier receivers neatly conclude retractable crowd control fixture layouts. Floor standing terminating posts look just like stanchions, but with four adapters for accepting belts. You can find these weighted poles in brass, chrome, and black finishes. Wall-mounted Tensabarrier receivers screw into flat surfaces and allow you to end a group of stanchions at a natural endpoint. These belt-receiving clips make a clean barrier that works best for restricting access to off-limits areas. Use these Tensabarrier receivers to reduce the overall cost of a crowd control layout when you know exactly where it will end.

What features make these posts and wall clips the right choice for my business?

  • Floor standing Tensabarrier receivers have all the same excellent design you've come to expect from retractable belt stanchions. A weighted base helps reduce tipping and accidents and the four-way belt clip lets you create a wide variety of layouts. Pick up these posts in brass, chrome, or black to match your existing setup.
  • Wall receivers reduce the clutter of an extra stanchion where it's not needed. If your barrier goes right to the edge of the room, this clip creates a nearly seamless endpoint without taking up the space of another post and base. Because it is built to accept retractable belts, this fixture is great for areas where access is limited during certain times.

No matter what business you're in, chances are you'll need crowd control. Use these receivers to finish off the check-in line at a hotel or airport. Brass stanchions carry a hint of sophistication that is typically associated with the hospitality industry and the heyday of air travel. At banks, the need for crowd control can be two-fold. An orderly waiting line for teller service is crucial for maintaining safety. Some areas may need to be roped off from customer access but still allow employees through, which is where retractable belt wall receivers shine. In the busy world of retail, it can become a chore to move posts to and from storage. That's where repositionable rolling stanchions come in handy. With edge wheels and a base cutaway that allows for space-saving stacking, these posts make setting up a queue line on-the-fly an easy task.

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