Replacement Belts for QueuePole.Deluxe Crowd Control Stanchions

QueuePole.Deluxe Replacement Retractable Belt Cassettes

Replacement belts for QueuePole.Deluxe stanchions

Looking to fix your damaged stanchion bands? Pick up these replacement belts for a quick and easy repair. Your crowd control system works hard to keep guests organized and lines moving smoothly. With all that foot traffic day in and day out, some damage is likely to occur. These replacement belts for QueuePole.Deluxe stanchions save you the hassle and expense of having to purchase all new posts. Each cassette arrives fully assembled, so there’s no fiddling around with small parts and pieces. Simply release the old band head, slide the new one on, and lock in place — no tools required! Keep some of these retractable replacement belts on hand and keep your stanchions in good repair for years to come.

What are some features of these queue belt cassettes?

  • The spring button release system means that swapping this accessory out is quick and easy. No hunting around for the right tool, and no unsightly screws. Just lock it in, and it’s ready to use.
  • A 9.5-foot long band covers far more area than a standard crowd control post. This means fewer stanchions overall and a cleaner look. Plus, the replacement belt is made from premium nylon with subtle stitching detail for a premium look.
  • With an automatic lock, accidental releases are a thing of the past. Bumping into an unsecured barrier could cause a guest to get hurt from a retracting band. These QueuePole.Deluxe cassettes stay locked in place automatically, making for a safer, more reliable crowd control fixture.

Even if your nylon barriers are still in good working order, maybe your interior decor has changed. Swap out your old stanchion tape for a new color to match! With blue, gray, and black options, a subtle change in tone could be the detail that ties your lobby together. Purchase a few extras to change out seasonally or for special events. Looking for some extra functionality? Pick up a stanchion-mounted sign frame for QueuePole.Deluxe posts to incorporate helpful messaging or advertising into your crowd control setup.

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