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Floor Standing Sign Frames for Professional Advertisement and Posters

Commercial Sign Holder Floor Stands and Frames for Promotions and Directories

Are you looking for a professional, durable, and affordable placard holder for your place of business? Our floor standing sign frames come in a variety of styles to suit your promotional, wayfinding, and advertisement needs. These stand up picture holders will capture the attention of customers in restaurants, retail shopping centers, offices, and even trade shows. The lightweight design of our floor standing sign frames makes it easy to transport throughout the store or between events. Our freestanding graphic holders are available in sleek curved and adjustable height models as well as industrial pallet signage. Use our floor standing sign frames in any industry to remind employees of safety regulations and company news or to inform customers of upcoming sales and promotions.

What kind of commercial signage holders do we offer?
  • Stand up plastic fixtures with pedestals are versatile options that can be used in a variety of settings. These models feature plastic and steel construction to ensure a lasting life in high-traffic locations. The graphics stand can hold an advertisement, photo, or menu cards Each floor standing sign frame is supported by double-sided graphic presentations, maximizing visibility and allowing users to share more information. These models include a sturdy base and tall pole with a lightweight holder affixed to the top.
  • Pallet signage is a great way to advertise bulk items at wholesale retail clubs or to direct inventory for warehouse workers. Many standing sign frames feature a stable base with a lip to slide under the wood platforms or stacked cases. Use these pallet fixtures to promote limited-time sales and swap out messaging in minutes in fast-paced environments with ever-shifting floor plans. We also offer corrugated cardboard pallet wraps with custom UV printing options to advertise bulk items in a way that is impossible to miss.
  • Adjustable height and curved standing sign frames mix utility and style. Signage holders with telescoping poles are perfect for bringing advertisements to eye level or even to promote a bottom shelf or platform. Curved sign frames are sleek and elegant, providing a museum-like aesthetic ideal for high-end retail stores, restaurants, and showrooms. Place these stands at your business' entrance to direct customers towards best-selling items or entice restaurant guests into choosing a new menu option.

These sign frames feature durable steel and plastic designs suitable for daily use in high traffic retail or warehouse environments. Lightweight and portable, our promotional graphic holders can be transported between departments and locations with ease to support seasonal sales. These poster displays are an essential advertising tool for any business and do a fantastic job of informing customers of pricing and availability. Check out our commercial graphics holders for wall-mounted and countertop options as well. Displays2go carries everything you need to assist with your marketing, wayfinding, pricing, and labeling efforts.

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