Pedestrian Barriers Provide Crowd Control at Large Events

Portable Steel and Plastic Barricades Organize and Guide Crowds at Concerts, Conventions, and Festivals

Do you need to create safe perimeters or separate vehicle lanes from foot traffic? Pedestrian barriers are the industry standard for crowd control at festivals and concerts for good reason. While their primary focus is on safety, these barricades are also designed with portability and reusability in mind. Galvanized steel pedestrian barriers are built to withstand the rigors of both inclement weather and large crowds at outdoor events. Rigid panels come with interlocking edges so site planners can configure perimeters and create staff vehicle lanes with ease. For even greater flexibility, expanding barricades with wheels allow workers in construction zones and warehouses to close off lanes and unsafe areas quickly. Our pedestrian barriers feature an iconic design that signals a clear boundary to event-goers and keeps them safely within approved areas. Purchase units in different lengths to be ready for gatherings of all shapes and sizes.

How are these crowd control barricades typically used?

  • Create a clearly-defined entrance or queue line with a set of parallel pedestrian barriers. After your perimeter is up, it’s easy to arrange another few lanes of panels leading to ticket scanners and security checkpoints. Create multiple pathways for ticketholders, in-person purchasers, and will-call for smooth, efficient entry.
  • Designate an age-restricted drinking area at an open-air event. Beer gardens and pop-up cocktail counters are popular at public gatherings, but you may want to contain drinkers to specific places to prevent underage consumption. Using rigid barriers to create a controlled area where staff can check IDs prior to entry is a great way to keep all your guests safe.
  • Prevent accidents by blocking off vehicle lanes for event staff. Especially with larger grounds, quick travel is a necessity for technical, medical, and security staff. If your team uses vehicles to make it from one end of your festival to the other, steel barriers can be used to create safe lanes that keep passersby out of harm’s way and allows staff to move around efficiently.
  • Temporarily restrict access to work areas with expanding barricades. Warehouses and construction sites often have many teams working independently. When heavy machinery or tools are involved, overlapping schedules can present a safety hazard. Scissor gates can be wheeled into place and expanded quickly, and Bubble-X™ panels can be interlocked and set up with ease, temporarily preventing others from passing through dangerous work zones while machinery is in use. When the area is safe again, these barriers collapse and roll out of the way until needed.
  • Feature large, noticeable signage while blocking off areas. Big, bold safety and caution graphics are easier to see, and therefore safer in busy environments. Using these custom or preprinted panels with an area for personalized text, you can direct traffic or give other directions to passersby. Our blockades with individualized printing give even more control over the message you send. Advertise businesses and events or feature your own caution graphics on these high-visibility canvases.

When building a perimeter around especially large areas, moving all the panels you need can become more than a one-person job. A barricade transport cart makes the task of moving these safety fixtures quick and manageable. Simply stack all the pieces you need onto the rails and wheel along the event grounds, setting them up as you go. Are you looking to incorporate some branding into your crowd control? Advertise products and services with these custom-printed tube frames with stretch-fabric covers. Set right alongside your rigid steel railing for a seamless, integrated look!

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