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Interactive Projection Boards - Wireless Multi-Touch Whiteboard Displays

Multi-Touch Projection Boards & Digital Flip Charts for Modern Interactive Campus and Corporate Meetings

Is your school or business looking for a collaborative tool to elevate the quality of presentations by boosting engagement? Our interactive projection boards are designed to create an immersive visual and writing experience for both orator and audience alike. These modern multi-touch whiteboards feature ten infrared optical-imaging touchpoints complete with wireless or wired connectivity. Out digital-ink interactive projection boards promote multi-user collaboration for increased project management efficiency, report engagement, lesson and event planning, or executing daily workflow meetings. Each digital flip chart or whiteboard features a honeycomb surface and aluminum frame digital whiteboard supports Microsoft 10 operating systems, allowing any user to seamlessly engage with the presentation application of their choice. Setting up this innovative interactive projection board is a straightforward three-step task — simply connect your projector to our 86" with an HDMI cable, equip to a power outlet, and to a PC of your choice. An engaging smart whiteboard display will help lecturers and business professionals alike tell more captivating stories and better engage with their audience. While whiteboards attach directly to the wall, digital flip charts are lightweight and mobile, featuring locking wheels for easy transport between rooms. Take advantage of this added mobility to utilize advanced lesson plans & high-tech tools across multiple classrooms or departments.

Our Interactive Projection Boards Support Windows 10 OS and Includes a Bluetooth Writing Stylus
Where can digital whiteboards & flip charts provide collaborative experiences?
  • Classroom Collaboration
  • Early Learning Spaces
  • Special Needs Learning
  • University Lecture Halls
  • Libraries
  • Common Areas & Cafés
  • STEM Classrooms
  • Co-Working & Makerspaces
  • Conference & Event Facilities

interactive projection board with 10pt IR touch

Natural, Seamless, Collaborative Writing

Draw, take notes, and interact with presentations using your finger or a smart pen in real time. Colleagues can work together simultaneously across the 10-point infrared touch surface, letting ideas flow with all the ease of natural writing. Annotating documents quickly as new thoughts pop into your head is both simple and immersive. After a quick initial calibration, this projection board precisely mimics a true-to-touch writing experience that rivals an authentic pen-to-paper flow.

interactive projection board with quick calibration

Smooth, No-Drift Precision

These collaborative presentation boards feature a multi-point calibration software system which ensures a reliable, low-latency writing experience. Our true-to-touch digital whiteboard has the same feel as placing pen to paper, allowing for effortless note taking. An optional 16 to 25 touch-point system provides multiple users with the ability to work on the same project at once, sharing ideas, and the flexibility to adapt to their current workload.

Interactive projection boards with bluetooth smart pen

Feature-Rich Smart Pen

Each smart-touch projection board includes a pressure sensitive Bluetooth pen with a myriad of commands which provide the user with total control. Presentation features include a laser pointer, next & previous slide buttons, a play/exit option, and white screen. Writing options include color swaps, erase, and shortcut keys such as the ability to screenshot.

Interactive projection boards with durable work surface

Durable for Daily Use

Our interactive projection boards are an essential visual learning tool for educational lectures and business presentations, providing the ability to annotate notes directly on the screen. Designed with digital-ink, these whiteboards boast an anti-scratch honeycomb screen which promotes long-term daily use in cooperative environments.

Interactive whiteboards and digital flip charts are innovative ways to engage with students at any educational level from kindergarten through doctorate programs. By utilizing hands-on, visual tools outside of traditional textbook learning, schools utilize new-age lesson plans and incorporate slideshows, images, and video into their classrooms with ease. Interactive touch boards mount directly to the wall for single-classroom use, white digital flip charts are easily re-located where need demands. Browse Displays2go for modern tools to equip your classroom or conference room and hold more engaging presentations.

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