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Open Top Trash Cans for Offer Touch-less Use in Commercial Spaces

Touch-less Commercial Open Top Trash Cans and Heavy Duty Waste Receptacles

Is your business conscious of public health concerns and looking for a convenient way for your employees and customers to dispose of waste? Our open top trash cans provide a non-touch medium for people to simply toss or drop debris into without contacting dirty surfaces. Waste receptacles often gather dust, residue, and left-over materials of the things people have disposed of in them so it is common to see many people use a napkin or tray to open the lid, or even a foot to control a lever to gain access. Our open-top trash cans solve this issue by removing the need for a barrier between the waste bin and the user, making the fixture more accessible. Our waste receptacles are used in any public space including offices, retail stores, amusement parts, shopping centers, and event halls. Our open top trash cans are professional-quality and include traditional waste bins and recycling containers as well as indoor and outdoor models. Not only will these bins provide a hands-free method of disposing of garbage, but they will encourage customers not to leave unsightly debris such as cigarette butts, wrappers, and other litter on the ground.

What types of facility waste management bins do we sell?
  • Commercial open top trash cans are designed with metal, wood laminate, or heavy-duty plastic materials to ensure a quality appearance even in high-traffic areas. Indoor and outdoor models are available to maximize coverage and keep your grounds clean.
  • Outdoor ashtrays provide a clear place for smokers to leave their cigarette butts. These models have a top-mounted bin for stray butts and open sides for easy trash access. Place these garbage containers by doorways or designated smoking areas to limit the number of filters that end up put out on the ground while maintaining safe distance for non-smokers to enter and leave your building.
  • For one-time events, we offer cardboard collapsable trash cans intended to be thrown away once used. These disposable options are great for large-scale music festivals, trade shows, or any unconventional venue where the facilities management team needs a quick and simple waste solution.

Many of our drop-top trash cans feature attractive faux-stone or wooden finishes, lending themselves to a more professional look in indoor and outdoor environments. Maintaining a clean working environment and grounds is essential not only for employee productivity, but more importantly for the public's perception of your business. Utilizing a non-touch waste system such as this will encourage more people to dimply drop their garbage into the hole, rather than having to push a door or step on a lever. We carry everything you need to keep your commercial site furnishings clean and up to date, as well as a plethora of products to help your customers maintain a safe social distance while on the premises.

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