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Protective Digital Signage Dust Covers

Protective Dust Covers for Advertisement Signage and Digital Kiosks

Are you looking for a better way to store and protect your electronic marketing screens while not in use, be it during an off-season, between events, or at the end of the day? Our protective digital signage dust covers are a great way to shield floor standing advertisement kiosks from sun damage, scratches, or wear and tear in high traffic areas. Use these display shields to safeguard expensive marketing equipment while in storage, between shifts, events, or seasons. Designed for indoor use, each protective digital signage dust cover offers comprehensive conservation from settling dust, harmful prolonged exposure to the sun, and accidental abrasions, cracks, and dents. Customers in any industry can take advantage and benefit from these enclosures, especially those who utilize electronic marketing materials such as retail shopping centers, event wayfinding areas, conference halls, and sporting venues. Our protective digital signage dust covers take the risk out of showcasing a floor standing advertisement kiosk in any high-traffic public area by protecting it while not in use, be it tucked to the side in its enclosure, or formally stored in a back room. With these safeguards, you can be sure that your marketing kiosks retain their luster and pixel quality for years to come.

What Are the Greatest Threats to your Advertisement Kiosks, and how do we Protect Against Them?
  • Mother nature can be ruthless, even towards indoor-only display systems. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can wreak havok on LED or LCD screens. The heat generated through storefront windows can also cause serious internal damage to electronic components inside your kiosk. Protective digital signage dust covers shields your advertisement floor stands from exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays which can cause the chemicals in your LCD to deteriorate, shortening the life of your screen.
  • People can be a serious problem, whether the treat is accidental or malicious tampering. Digital signage dust covers remove the risk of scratches, dents, carvings, or other forms of damage by protecting your advertisement kiosks while not in use. Keep your marketing floor stands tucked agianst a wall or inside a storage closet, safe, and away from human contact.
  • Digital signage dust covers can protect against security breaches by covering USB ports. These enclosures help prevent the insitlation of spyware or malware by customers who may want to display unapproved messages or digital content on your company's screen. Electronic signage dust covers make it more difficult for hackers to access your device and tamper with your advertisement screens.

Each digital signage cover is made out of a non-woven polyester material and features heavy duty zippers on the floor standing models. Remote access rmains accessable with a built-in outside pocket for controls, extra cables, batteries, and other accessories. Any company would do well to protect their advertisement kiosk or floor stand invesment with a signage cover. Digital marketing is a surefire way to attract new customers, so check out our selection of advertisement display systems to promote your products. Displays2go is commited to helping our customers transition into the digital age, reach more clients, and showcase their products more effectively.

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