Custom Printed QR Code Stickers for Contactless Menus, Business Cards, & More

Provide Custom Contactless Digital Menus for Restaurants & Bars with QR Code Stickers

Restaurants, bars, and retail shopping outlets are incredibly high-traffic areas, with many patrons utilizing the same spaces, tables, and countertops throughout the day. It is a job in and of itself to not only keep your business' facilities & menus sanitary between customers, but to provide a modern experience for your guests as well. Our custom printed QR code stickers apply directly to your restaurant table, bar counter, or reception desk as a new-age, health-first approach to servicing your patrons. There are a plethora of QR code generators available for free or with a paid subscription out there, whether you need a simple randomly generated pattern, or more expansive scan analytics. Work with our design team to create your own custom printed QR code sticker to include your logo, match company colors, or deliver a specific message to your guests about a promotion or social distancing guidelines. Reusing physical menus presents a significant challenge for customer-facing businesses who wish to limit the spread of infectious disease during peak cold and flu seasons, while disposable, single use, menus are impractical and costly over prolonged high-risk periods. Our custom printed QR code stickers direct customers using their own smartphones to your existing online menu or one that you created through a new application. Outside of the restaurant industry, these adhesive graphics are often placed in high-visibility areas around towns, shopping centers, tables, and more as an effective marketing tool that expands reach, garners outside attention, and increases traffic to your online store.

How are custom printed QR code stickers used by most businesses?
  • Many restaurants and bars were quick to adapt to changes in their industry, providing contactless menus to customers accessible through their own smart phones or devices. Best QR Code GeneratorsBy using custom QR code stickers, these businesses reduce the risk of contaminating surfaces or spreading germs between customers. This method also reduces the need for bulk piles of physical menus, allowing customers to view their options freely in open venues. This is especially useful for food trucks who often can not provide a hand-out.
  • Specially boutiques will share their custom QR code sticker with affiliated shop owners, friends, or even spread them around post, walls, and other surfaces around town. Place one of these codes on a community business-card board as an easy way to engage with new customers that may not have seen your business otherwise. The key here is simplicity, and there is a vast difference between a prospective customer taking a business card and remembering to look you up versus scanning a QR code sticker once and already having you on their phone.
  • Bloggers, social media influencers, content creators, and business professionals use these graphics in a similar vein, placing their QR code sticker around college campuses, on laptops, business cards, and promotional give-away items. This becomes a streamlined way for professionals to direct customers to a specific location, assigned by your generator of choice, whether that is to be added to the contact list, to load a company website, or to provide an online product and service listing.

Businesses use these QR code stickers for many reasons, but the primary purpose for this shift is that digital media is a highly-effective, cost saving, and impactful way to market to your clients and guests. Creating a simple way to get your company's information in front of your customer, on their own smartphone screen no less, is essential to the success of any campaign. In the service industry, this provides bars and restaurants with a clear portal to showcase quality images of each menu item alongside detailed descriptions of each drink or dish that their customer otherwise wouldn't experience while reading a physical menu. For business professionals, QR code stickers are an evolution beyond traditional business cards, serving a similar purpose, yet providing a more substantive platform than a simple name and number on a cardboard rectangle. Displays2go wants to help your business take advantage of any advancement that can help your business thrive, and have made a list of our favorite QR code generators to get you started along the way. Utilize these tools, and more, to provide your customers with the most modern, efficient, and user-friendly experience possible.

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