Multi-Panel Wall Directories for Wayfinding Signs & Office Labels

Multi-Panel Wall Directories - Wayfinding Signs with Inserts

Need an inexpensive and easy solution for labeling your building's offices? Check out our innovative line of multi-panel wall directories! These curved frame sets are great for any entryway or lobby because they allow professional locations to choose the most suitable configuration based on the number of employees, offices, etc. The wall directory frames are frequently used by corporate buildings, colleges & universities, hotels, and healthcare locations including hospitals. One of the main reasons for their popularity it that name plates and office labels can be switched out so easily. Just pull up on the lens, remove the old label, and insert the new tag. Staff changes and office relocations are a cinch with these preconfigured directory sets. In addition, each frame's finish and design perfectly match the rest of the set, which provides a very professional look at a minimal cost.

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