Slat Wall Accessories - Metal Face Out Brackets

Straight Face Out Brackets & Accessories for Slat Walls

Slat wall accessories make any presentation more adaptable to the continuously changing environment of a retail establishment. With new seasons come new products. These retail hooks, slat wall accessories will make creating new presentations uncomplicated! The slat wall accessories, also known as slat wall display fixtures, will quickly fit most forms of slatwall paneling. They also do not require any tools during setup.

These slat wall accessories will help you keep an sorted yet visually-appealing presentation. The slatwall faceouts, slat wall accessories are available in a variety of styles to coincide with any store's d├ęcor and spatial regulations. In fact, we offer these slat wall accessories in both wood and metal designs! You even have a preference between powder-coated silver, black and chrome-finish faceouts!

Slatwall face outs are handy slat wall accessories you can use to showcase a variety of products, including shirts, pants and handbags. We even sell these slat wall accessories in a few different styles, such as those with notches, to keep your clothing in place and your overall display in style. The 2-tier faceouts, for example, are ideal for showcasing smaller objects merchandise, such as lingerie.

Slat wall accessories, such as slat wall faceouts and retail hook displays, are just a few examples of the great selection of attachments we offer through our website. In addition to these accessories, we also offer an incredible collection of slat wall stands, clothing racks and sign holders. In fact, Displays2go is a leading provider of POP displays, with over 7,000 unique accessories available online. Please visit our main shopping page for an entire breakdown of our products!

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