Wire Slatwall Fixtures

Wire Slatwall Basket Fixtures

Wire slatwall fixtures organize bulk objects, small packet merchandise & periodicals. The fixtures accessorize any existing display. These wire baskets and racks, slatwall fixtures work with your existing slot wall panels without any tools, adhesives or hardware. Just slide the hooks and they are ready to use! These slatwall fixtures are ready to present your products. The simple set up mechanism enables the merchants to rearrange their display around at any time. Fixtures, such as metal displayers and bulk bins, are common promotional tools.

The wire baskets, slatwall fixtures are great to offer free samples or sell small objects such as travel needs. The long lasting and cost effective wire fixture shows the customer a full view of the products. Buy various fixtures to sprinkle in your display and be watch your products sell. These fixtures, also known as slot wall displayers, are containers usually use in grocery stores, clothing retail shops, sport stores, gift shops and much more.

Looking for an economical, flexible and efficient slot wall containers, our wire fixture are sure to satisfy your display needs. Magazine and catalog as well as newspaper racks are a clear example. These display fixtures are suitable for a slat wall fixture or as a wall mounted unit. The wire shows the magazine cover in its entirety. Let your customers browsing before ordering a magazine or a newspaper. Show off your selection, these slatwall fixtures are great in supermarkets, newspaper stands, bookstores & convenience stores.

Moreover, these slat wall fixtures integrates nicely with our wall hanging accessories adding variety to your display. Mix and match styles, colors and finishes for a unique display. Displays2Go has many slot wall accessories for sale like assorted bins, literature holders, poster & sign frames, jewelry and electronics holders. Combine any of these accessories to dress up a slat wall display. Our selection includes stand-alone towers, panels, retail displays, hooks, face outs and etc. Since 1974, Displays2Go specializes in producing & distributing quality retail, trade show & pop displays at an affordable price. We supply 1000s of products that you can buy directly from our warehouse. Buy online today!

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