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Acrylic Picture Frames & Lightboxes for Desktop and Wall Mount

Magnetic Acrylic Frames - Frameless Photo Holders

Acrylic picture frame with edge grip standoffs

Want to display family photos, educational or business credentials, and retail advertisements, without sacrificing quality? Our acrylic picture frames are durable, scratch- and break-resistant. Lucite framing is safer to use in commercial environments than cheap plastic or glass. Photo holders with a modern, frameless design put the focus on enclosed artwork and photos. Our acrylic frames come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Promote sales and new merchandise in retail stores, showrooms, and restaurants. Display family and travel photos at home, or highlight diplomas and business affiliations in the office. The beauty of crystal clear framing is that it won't distract from the presentation. Mount these enclosures on counters, walls, glass, or refrigerators, depending on the style. Each of these photo displays is easy to assemble, and refresh. Top quality plastic framing comes in classic sizes, like 4" x 6", 5” x 7”, 8.5” x 11", and more.

When browsing our Lucite picture frames, you'll notice they come in a variety of styles and configurations. Single-sided enclosures are great for home use, while double-sided displays boost advertising exposure. A classic pedestal base allows one style to stand on its own without relying on a bulky easel backers, saving space on tables and counters. Curved framing with polished edges makes an elegant statement in upscale boutique settings. A picture holder with a magnetic backer loads images quickly, without adhesive. No more tedious positioning! The magnets grab the image and secure it instantly. A slant-back, all-in-one design with green edges makes prints more noticeable. Enclosures with sign standoffs showcase large advertisements, while smaller versions of this signage can be placed on the counter. Wall mounted designs appear to float images in the center, for a contemporary look. For more drama, place aluminum lightbox displays with LED illumination in restaurants and nightclubs.

Box frame with magnetic closure What elements are important when selecting one of these photo displays?
  • Mount: Place acrylic picture frames on walls, counters, refrigerators and metal surfaces.
  • Orientation: Display photo holders in horizontal or vertical orientation, and depending on the venue, check to make sure whether framing is one-sided or two and which suits the venue better.
  • Style: Choose from Edge-grip standoffs, angled slant/back, curved, pedestal base, magnetic enclosure, self-stick (peel back design with non-marring adhesive), or lightbox designs.
  • Size: Select from standard and off-sizes, including 3.5” x 5”, 4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, 8” x 10”, 4.25” x 11”, 8.5” x 11”, 6” x 14”, 12” x 36”, and 13.5” x 40”.
  • Quantity: Price discounts are available for bulk purchasing for a chain of stores, or to save on costs over time.
  • Shipping: We stock our supplies by the hundreds, giving customers some of the shortest lead times.
Where and how are these Lucite picture frames used?
  • Affix artwork in magnetic picture holders on the side of a filing cabinet or refrigerator at home.
  • Show off family and travel photos, children's artwork, and memorabilia in the office.
  • Advertise specials, new merchandise, and contests using high quality sign holders in stores and showrooms.
  • Lucite picture holders make perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other milestones.
Acrylic led sign holder

The most popular items in this line of displays have magnetic backers. Slide a printed message into the photo sleeve, then place it on a refrigerator or the side of a filing cabinet. No wonder these supplies are so popular! A double-sided box frame with a slide-in design has no magnetic sides or corners, and attracts attention coming and going in retail stores and showrooms. Advertise new dishes, drinks, and specials using these frames that come in an array of sizes. These picture holders can be viewed in vertical and horizontal orientation on a counter, table top, or wall.

Sandwich artwork between two acrylic panels and the magnetic corners will grip it in place. They are also constructed of thick Lucite panels that will not scratch or break. These accessories are easy to clean with a soft, dry cloth. Box-style Plexiglas panels contain the image so that it has a floating appearance. These frames blend with any decor, whether traditional or modern. Set acrylic magnet frames with pedestals on top of desks, tables and counters. Most of these stands have landscape and portrait orientation. Frames with side standoffs make mounting pictures easy; just screw them to secure the poster or print.

Visit Displays2go.com for top quality plastic framing for advertising posters, personal memories, menus, and more. Enjoy quick shipping for in-stock items! Don't forget to browse our catalog for wood and metal frames in single, double, triple and collage formats for both personal and commercial purposes.

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