QueuePole Retractable Stanchion Barriers

QueuePole Retractable Stanchion Barriers - 7 Ft. & Shorter

This QueuePole series is available in a wide range of colors and styles. Choose a stanchion in matte black, brushed stainless steel, or polished stainless steel. Whichever style you choose, shoppers can rest assured they are buying a high quality portable retractable belt post at some of the lowest prices on the web. These QueuePole style belts are available in lengths of 7 feet and shorter.

    Does each crowd control barrier ship fully assembled?
  • All of the stanchion posts offered here require a minimal amount of assembly prior to use.
  • Each crowd control barrier typically requires the user to insert the post into the base and screw it tightly.
  • No additional tools are required to put these barricade systems together.
    How many crowd control barriers will I need for my business?
  • There are a couple of factors that determine the number of post and retractable belt barricades needed for a particular configuration. The size of the room and the shape of the line are the two main things to consider.
  • Each of these stanchions features a retractable belt that extends up to 7 feet.
  • For more information regarding these portable barricades, please read the product pages, or contact a member of our call center staff for assistance.

Do you need to update the stanchion systems within your lobby? Are you shopping for retractable belt stanchion posts to place in your business? These barricades are a staple fixture in many retail and service-oriented environments. These portable stanchions are a great way to organize crowds, form lines or queues, separate crowds into groups, protect products or other merchandise, or restrict access to certain areas. Pedestrians can find crowd control stanchions anywhere from a retail store to an airport, museum, concert, or bank. The need for easy and affordable means of security is endless. These stanchions provide an affordable and beautiful way to keep your business or event running easily. These portable retractable belt posts are offered in various colors. Choose these barricades with either a black or stainless steel finish, along with a black, blue or gray belt. The portable barricade features a round post and base that is sturdy and built to withstand years of busy foot traffic passing by. By having such a wide range of lengths, shoppers can use fewer barricade posts to complete their configuration or waiting line. Another feature of these retractable stanchion systems is the four way post cap. This convenient design allows users to change the configuration of their security system without having to move the retractable belt posts around. Simply unhook the belt from the stanchions and reconnect it to the top of another. These stanchions are commonly seen in bank lobbies, however they are also very popular fixtures used for maintaining security at a car show or within a dealership. Use these barricades to designate areas that should not be accessed without permission. Most patrons instantly recognize these portable retractable belt stanchions as an indicator of an area that is off-limits.

This company is a leading supplier of thousands of retail display products. These stanchions, also known as portable barricade posts, are just a small portion of the over 4,000 unique display products offered here. In addition to portable retractable belt posts, some of the other product offerings include: stanchion sign frames, compliance signs, TV stands, display cases, retail dump bins, and much more. We even offer more stanchions, including QueuePole economy and octagonal posts, as well as name brand Tensabarrier® systems. Over 98% of products ship same day when ordered before 3PM EST. There are more than two million units in three warehouse facilities, waiting to ship out. We have been doing business for more than 40 years, and have become a leader in this industry known for selling quality products at low-discount prices. Start shopping online with Displays2go today!

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