LED Display Stand: Light-Up Displays Hold Signs or Posters

LED Display Stands for Public Places & Retail Stores

An LED display stand is a great way to capture the attention of potential or existing customers. Buy an LED light display stand to use in your retail store to advertise new merchandise. An LED display stand is also optimal for advertising clearance events or upcoming promotions. A bank could use an LED display stand or light box to showcase current interest rates or to display information on new or popular checking, savings, or IRA accounts. Illuminated LED display stands are great for restaurants to offer a sample menu so patrons can begin to decide their meal preference while waiting for a table.

A light box, LED display stand is an eye-catching retail fixture. Whether you purchase an LED stand for a retail store or restaurant, you will not be disappointed. We offer LED display stands in a variety of styles. An adjustable LED display stand, also known as an illuminated light box, will provide display options and can adjust to the height of multiple retail displays. Acrylic LED display stand products provide a highly effective marketing tool without taking away from the surrounding business environment. Acrylic display stands are always crafted from crystal clear acrylic and provide some of the most vivid and illuminated signs.

LED lights make these signs glow brilliantly. Although any single-sided message will work, semi-transparent materials, such as DuraTrans will give users the most brilliant signs. LED light signs are an economical alternative to neon signs, as well. Place advertisements and other signs in an illuminated light box stand to capture the attention of your patrons. An illuminated stand will work almost anywhere, but are commonly seen in a lobby or showroom. A light-up stand adds a modern element of design to traditional marketing and advertising techniques.

Displays2Go sells many poster stands. These illuminated LED display stand products will give customers the same benefits of a poster stand, with the added benefit of bright, LED-edgelit signs. We offer many more designer poster stands including our FORTE and BRAVA series display stand lines. Here at Displays2Go, almost all of our products are in stock, providing shoppers the shortest lead times in the industry! Shop online today!

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