LED Illuminated Poster Stands are Backlit Displays for Signs and Promotions

LED Illuminated Floor Standing Poster Display Stands for Advertisements, Menus, & Signage

Are you looking for an eye-grabbing, captivating way to make your poster holders easier to see, read, and locate in dimly lit areas? Our selection of LED illuminated poster stands are all a great way to capture the attention of existing or potential customers in retail, restaurant, or event center environments. Advertise new and existing product lines, exciting new sales, menu options, and daily drink specials with this highly visible poster holder. These backlit LED illuminated poster stands are a bold and innovative way to get your message across to passersby and are available in a variety of captivating styles to complement any setting. Enhance your brand messaging, entice customers with light-up menu displays, and directories. Our floor standing LED illuminated are especially useful in dimly lit, high traffic, areas such as movie theaters, high-end restaurants, and nighttime events. With their size and unique designs, these light-up sign frames hardly go unnoticed, a great way to generate lots of foot traffic.

What sorts of designs do these light boxes come in?
  • Backlit LED illuminated poster stands come in a variety of dimensions to accommodate a multitude of printed media sizes. The totem-style display holds two signs back-to-back. Each poster lightbox stand contains light bulbs inside so that your movie advertising or graphic is backlit and can even be seen in the dark. Some towers have a sleek black panel bottom or an aluminum base with an imprinted square design that adds texture to the display.
  • Illuminated poster stands for directories feature large, flat, and slightly angled surfaces designed for use in shopping malls or other event centers to show all the shops and booths to passing customers. Freestanding directory and lobby-style pedestals come in a few different media sizes and are a bold statement in any setting.
  • Sidewalk illuminated poster stands, including backlit A-frame signage, are ideal for enticing new customers to stop by. Place these outside a bar or nightclub to get patrons’ attention. These smaller models are also well-suited for placement in lobbies or near entryways with lots of foot traffic. These will educate entering guests about available services and products without getting in the way.
    • Take advantage of double-sided backlit poster stands, also known as totem frames, which use fluorescent or light emitting diode lighting to capture customer attention. Advertise in style by using this memorable light-up display to help signage standout. Lightbox poster stands feature a lasting life and while LED-units’ bulbs rarely need to be changed, halogen bulbs are quickly and easily replaced as needed. These energy efficient light-up poster stands will work almost anywhere, but are commonly seen in a lobby or showroom. Browse our selection of commercial signage frames including wall, hanging, and floor standing options. Displays2go offers the largest selection of marketing or advertisement equipment, office supplies, and business furniture available online.

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