Corner Display Cabinets & Cases - Curio & Retail Fixtures

Corner Display Cases & Cabinets - Showcase Retail Merchandise or Use Residentially for China Collections

Made with Real WoodAre you looking for a corner display cabinet that won't cost thousands, yet will stand the test of time? These wooden curio cases are the solution! Corner display cases accent a family room, living room, dining room, or study. The glass curio cases featured above are small enough to use minimal floor space, yet large enough to be noticed and exhibit some of your most prized possessions. These corner display cabinets are offered in multiple elegant and stylish finishes; sure to complement almost any décor, from traditional to modern, and anything in between. Check out the corresponding number coding system to insure this wooden furniture will match existing products in your home or office. All of these corner display cabinets ship within 2 days of purchasing. Extreme care is taken with the packing and shipping process to insure that these wood and glass china cabinets will arrive with no blemishes. All of the glass used on these furniture pieces is tempered.

This selection of corner showcases can be used either in the home or commercially. The economy model cases are ideal for collectible and boutique shops. When managing a retail store, it is important to utlilize as much space as possible. A corner fixture is a great way to showcase merchandise while utilizing all of the small floor space in a shop.

Corner Cabinet for CuriosA large portion of this corner curio cabinet selection is sourced directly from the high-quality and well-known furniture maker, Howard Miller. For more than 80 years, Howard Miller has been fabricating some of the best products, including corner display cabinets and clocks. These wood and glass fixtures are made in the USA. These corner display cases by Howard Miller are the ideal curio case for anyone looking for a high quality, timeless piece of furniture. Likewise the Morrison Hewitt series is made with spectacular craftsmanship and attention to detail. All of these corner showcases feature such things as; top lighting, front access doors, floor levelers, and adjustable glass shelves. Some of these curio furniture pieces also include an antique key, crown molding and an external switch for the lighting.

Howard Miller Corner Cabinet How much production is required with this corner display case?

  • Although many of these wood and glass furniture pieces are shipped assembled, the glass shelves have to be installed.
  • The Morrison Hewitt cabinet has a wall anchor that needs to be mounted to a secure surface for additional stability.
  • The Howard Miller curio cases need only be plugged in, and the shelves set according to personal preference.
What are the delivery options available for these showcases?
  • All of these wood china cases ship via freight, with a few shipping features offered.
  • This corner showcase can be shipped dock-dock, lowered to ground level, two steps inside the doorway all for free (for Howard Miller Cases only).

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