Commercial Trash Cans - Waste Receptacles & Garbage Containers For Businesses

Commercial Trash Cans - Waste Receptacles & Containers

These commercial trash cans are ideal for use in front of office buildings or businesses. You can also use these garbage receptacles in public areas such as a recreational area, playground or parking lot. Our line of waste receptacles, also known as commercial trash can, includes outdoor ashtrays and trash bins. You can choose between plastic and steel receptacles, as well as individual and combination orders. Save money on shipping charges by purchasing a combination pack where the ashtray is delivered inside of the waste container. The trash containers, waste receptacles will help you encourage guests and employees to pitch in and keep your facility litter-free.

What designs can you choose from our selection?
  • Commercial trash can are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Plastic, stainless steel, and recycling trash cans are all available here.
  • Outdoor trash cans and indoor trash cans can be purchased here.
  • Labeled recycling bins are in stock in durable plastic and stylish wood designs to accommodate commercial and restaurant environments.
  • Elegant stretch barrel covers help turn everyday necessities into stylish marketing accesssories.
  • Every business needs waste receptacles to keey clean and provide great service for customers.

The waste receptacles for cigarettes feature a patented, oxygen-limited design to extinguish cigarette butts, dismissingthe need for sand or water. Waste receptacles, such as our Smokers' Outpost®, are simple-to-clean with their steel, lift-out pails. The litter containers, waste receptacles for trash are available in a few different styles: a 30-gallon covered round bin, a 30-gallon hexagon container and (3) different 38-gallon, square receptacles. The hexagon and square receptacles feature a unique Capture Bag® system to keep trash bags hidden and in place.

We even offer a few of these waste receptacles as matching sets. You can save on shipping charges by purchasing the plastic, Smokers' Outpost® and LitterMateTM round bin together! The plastic, Site SaverTM can also be part of a set with the hexagon, litter container. These ash and trash receptacles are great waste receptacles for helping lessen the amount of litter scattered throughout your facility.

We include these waste receptacles as part of our expanded line of lobby displays. In addition to commercial trash bins, we also sell a variety of sign holders, poster frames and trade show products. Our company, Displays2go is your one-stop shop for all POP-related merchandise. Thank you for shopping with us!

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