Extra Large Poster Frames, Lightboxes, and Sign Holders with Magazine Pockets

Large Format Poster Framing — Indoor and Outdoor Wall Frames in Aluminum

Looking to hang large-scale advertising on the wall of a commercial space such as a corporate park entry way? Does your artwork span the length of a hotel reception desk? Our extra large poster frames are constructed of sturdy anodized aluminum in a variety of designs to support oversized advertising. Small signage tends to get lost in spacious venues like airports, athletic centers, and car dealerships, so "think big" when deciding what size prints to hang. Our extra large wall picture frames for panoramic graphics provide maximum visibility. Large-scale displays boost brand recognition quickly because they're easily seen. Another great way to use mega-sized signage is for wayfinding purposes in convention centers and hospitals to prevent foot traffic congestion in aisles and corridors.

Our extra large poster frames are sized from 12” x 36” all the way up to 47” x 94” so even gigantic artwork can find a place to live in this collection. Do justice to great brand messaging by showcasing them with big-format framing! Even smaller venues can benefit from large scale print ads. Travel agencies are a great example: these panoramic displays are perfect for enticing people to buy a cruise or trip to see the ruins in Rome! Wide poster frames are frequently displayed in movie theaters to promote the latest features and they enhance the décor in casual and upscale restaurants as well as many types of retail showrooms.

extra large poster frame with magazine pockets What elements should be considered when selecting big picture holders?
  • Our featured extra large poster frames come in a range of sizes for a mounting on a wall in a variety of locations. We offer picture holders for big ads in 18” x 24”; 36” x 12”, 36” x 24”, and the popular 36” x 48”, as well as 36” x 72”. We have 40 x 13.5” and 40” x 60”; 45 x 21.5” and 45” x 27.5”; and our largest wall mounted frame measures 47” x 94”. Check out the specifications for each model before making your selection and be sure to measure your space.
  • You’ll want to consider orientation next. Panoramic extra wide frames are usually hung horizontally but sometimes they are used in vertical orientation. Photo collages and museum prints are look perfect in this type of framing. Occasionally the exhibitor may want to hang the display at an angle, or suspend it from the ceiling. Depending on the type of wall and the type of enclosure, mounting hardware can vary. Most of these models ship with the screws and anchors needed for setup. Clear, detailed directions are included for each unit to make things easy.
  • Framing style is more of a design decision but you’ll want to decide if you’re hanging one piece of art, advertisement, or sign, or if you’d like to support the display with built-in literature dispenser to boost your marketing initiative. Oversize snap-style displays with a convex profile lend a classic beveled look to the décor. Some of these feature a locking design to keep graphics theft- and dust-free. Frameless plexiglass wide picture holders featuring aluminum standoffs are secured easily by magnets. This style is perfect for galleries and museums but it also makes an attractive display for artwork in the home. Wave-style sign holders with green-tinted acrylic offer the look of glass at a more affordable price. The European design of this type of signage stands out from the crowd in a high-traffic showroom, and some of these models have adjustable literature pockets for dispensing trifolds and catalogs. Sign holders with a flat profile have clean lines and a classic look that suits nearly any setting including movie theaters. Easy to load and update, snap-open signage is extremely popular with busy retailers. Other models have swing-open technology, also enabling quick updates. Each of our picture frames for large prints has a PVC, polycarbonate or flexible non-reflective plastic lens to protect images from fading and dust.
  • black panoramic picture frame
  • Weatherproof aluminum poster frames are available for outdoor use, and they are 100 percent exterior rated to prevent the elements from ruining your posters and prints! A rubber gasket swinging door keeps treasured artwork safe from rain, sleet, and snow as well as tampering and theft with large outdoor frames with a snap-open or swing-open design that makes loading and updating easy. A durable polycarbonate lens cover stands up to the weather and anodized aluminum construction will not rust no matter what the conditions are outside. These units lock to protect your investment and ship with an Allen key for quick and easy print updates.
  • Large format light boxes with LED lighting displays translucent posters beautifully on the wall of a restaurant, gymnasium, convention center, or theater. This illuminated signage for large-scale artwork comes with 2- or 3-chip LED technology for a brilliant laser cut diffusion pattern at the edges without hot and cold spots. Available in average LUX ranges of 5,000+, 4,000+, 3,000+, and 2,000+ this large scale framing uses less energy so you’ll save on money. Each unit comes with a long power cord to make it easy for busy store managers to operate.

By now you probably have a handle on our collection of gallery and store framing options. Mounting signage to the wall frees up floor space for foot traffic, display counters, and reception furniture. The scale of our big poster signs helps graphics stand out for an instant brand recognition boost! These huge format enclosures are an affordable way to make big statements. In additional to their practical elements such as strong aluminum construction and easy-assembly, the frames are visually stunning. From our European-inspired wave-shaped wall frames to our combination poster signs with brochure holders to frameless print signage with standoffs for mounting photo collages in a studio or at home, we have the big displays for all your big ideas!

Once the wall frames arrive, check to see if it comes with the accompanying anchors, screws, or pivoting pins; some models ship without hardware but that can be solved with a quick trip to the store. Most of our wall frames can be hung by one person. Heavier models with brochure compartments may require two people for assembly and safe attachment to a wall. Each unit ships with detailed yet easy-to-follow instructions, but customer service is a great resource if you have questions. Just call us!

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