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Magazine Stands | Floor Racks for Books, Brochures & Newspapers

Magazine Stand Displays - Literature Racks with Stationary & Portable Designs

Retail Magazine Stand

A high quality magazine stand, or literature holder, will essentially promote itself! Each of these literature racks can accommodate reading material in a wide range of sizes & styles to meet retail POP needs. The current stock includes a diverse magazine stand selection that provides publication display solutions for business reception areas, lobbies, sales floors, and other public locations. The vast assortment observed above features catalog and literature displays that have free-standing designs. What kinds of magazine stands are there? The literature display holders are sold in wire, wood, cardboard, and plastic configurations. This way, customers can choose the price range and durability that is most appropriate. Magazine display stands, or even just a single literature rack, will ensure that company marketing materials look more beautiful than ever to potential clients. The most cutting-edge businesses use take-away information and merchandise to promote their products or services in a memorable fashion. The magazine storage displays are exceptionally useful at travel agencies, hotels, and professional offices. Really any place that has the need to showcase large quantities of literature will benefit from a catalog holder. Select the right finish and features, so visitors or patrons have simple access to the important publications and reading materials.

What separates the literature holders in this category from other models in the inventory?
  • As mentioned briefly, the magazine stand is exclusively floor-standing. While we offer many wall mounted and tabletop literature display solutions, these floor racks are designed for professional applications, from retail shops to libraries to bookstores.
  • A number of the other fixtures for showcasing reading materials have several pockets, but literature holders tend to supply the most storage. This fact makes the displays popular for retailers in many industries.
  • Professional, commercial, and retail establishments tend to pick magazine stands rather than counter/table racks, files, and boxes simply because they offer high visibility, plenty of space, and lasting durability.

Why not use magazine rack for displaying promotional literature in the home, office or daycare facility? Any of the literature stands shown above will help to file and sell periodicals. This online catalog features hundreds of solutions that will keep catalogs and pamphlets organized and in one central location. The home and office magazine displays in wood, acrylic, wire, and plastic are well crafted to withstand years of use. Hundreds of merchandising tools for literature, like flyers, brochures, catalogs, and other marketing print stock, are available.

Wire Literature Holder

Most of the periodical racks and catalog stands are tiered to make it easier to find specific titles. In fact, many of the literature displays and file boxes are designed in such a way that much of the cover of each publication remains viewable even while it is in the slot. The pocket tiers keep information in a systematic and organized yet accessible presentation, which makes locating the intended reading materials a breeze.

Do any of these magazine racks and files feature special abilities?
  • Every option has its advantages, but a few of the more notable stands include models that can be adjusted. Not only are there designs that can be broken down for transport to and from events, but also there are units that have versatile, changeable pocket configurations.
  • Portable racks for magazines usually have folding designs that are great for those attending events on the road, like trade shows. There is even holder that has a counter on the top that is perfect for convention exhibits and trade booths.
  • Cardboard magazine displays generally ship flat, so the user can set them up right at the event and then throw them out when they are finished. While the cardboard stands are very durable and will last through several promotional presentations, some users prefer to travel light.
  • Some of the other specialty shelving displays for catalogs are fit with adjustable pockets. Yes, that's right! The slots actually change size to accommodate different kinds of literature. There are holders that feature removable pegs or wire dividers, which allow for the display of brochures, magazines, or both at once!
Wire Newspaper Rack

There are wall-mount brochure racks and boxes in addition to this great selection. With these literature and book holders, you can make all your periodical materials accessible to patrons. Browse our assortment of newspaper stands, displays, and racks to outfit your newsstand or convenient store location. Start improving your business today with the right display stand for literature or book shelving system. If promoting your business is a priority; there are thousands of unique display products for sale here that will help boost sales. To view the complete inventory of products and start shopping for your business, visit the main catalog page. Customer service specialists are here to answer any product inquiries that may arise. As one of the country's leading manufacturers of literature racks and file stands, our intent is to offer shoppers the most diverse and extensive product line while also providing the highest level of customer service. Don't miss out on this incredible shipping policy; order in stock products before 3PM EST weekdays and the items ship out the same day!

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