Bottom Loading Plexi Frames - "T" Style Picture Holders

Bottom Loading T-Style Plexi Frames for Bars & Restaurants

"T" Style Plexi Frames and Sign Holders- These "T" style plexi frames are a great addition to any business. We offer these plexi frames in a variety of sizes to meet your particular needs. The plexi frames, called acrylic photo frames, are conventionally used in dining institutions or checkout counters. These acrylic photo frames are referred to as T-style because the frame and base meet to form a "T". Simply insert your transcribed graphic from the bottom or the sides. This allows for quick and simple changes to your acrylic photo frames. The plexi frames can hold either a horizontal or vertical graphic, depending on the style you choose. You are able to insert these graphics back-to-back for double sided viewing. Some of these sign holders have a single pocket literature attachment. This allows you to disperse promotional material while advertising. You may choose these acrylic photo frames with either a frosted or polished edge, depending on your preferences. The plexi frames with polished edges have more of an upscale look. These displays are great acrylic frames for any location and can be used as a countertop or hotel display.

In addition to the products offered on this page we offer a broader selection of sign and advertisement holders and graphic holders. You are guaranteed to find the ideal display for you. Contact our sales department to add your logo, company, or product name to make a truly unique design.

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