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Multi-Panel Sign Holders for Countertop Advertising Promotions and Menu Placement

Clear Acrylic Multi-Panel Promotional Sign Holders for Countertop Use

Is your business looking for a way to advertise on retail tabletops or dining booths? This selection of acrylic multi-panel sign holders is the gold-standard for sharing menu specials and seasonal drink cards on bar countertops and restaurants. Many of our franchise customers take advantage of bulk pricing to equip multi-table steakhouses and eateries with enticing entree and dessert options. These acrylic multi-panel sign holders are especially useful at retail store checkout lines to promote company credit cards, seasonal sales, and more in a highly visible manner. Utilize models with three, six, or even eight sides to maximize promotional visibility and place more information in front of your customer. The lightweight design of these acrylic multi-panel sign holders makes it easy for your guests to pick up the fixture and flip through the graphics on each side. Some units even include a turntable base so customers can simply rotate and browse menus or advertisements.

Why are our clear plastic signage frames so popular with our customers?
  • We offer acrylic multi-panel sign holders with bulk pricing, giving our patrons the availability to stock multiple franchise locations at a fraction of our competitors’ cost. Place a clear signage frame in any recurrent high-traffic area to promote advertisements or menu presentations throughout your establishment with uniformity.
  • Countertop Multi Panel Sign Holder
  • The lightweight design of multi-panel sign holders makes it an easy task to relocate advertisements between departments, free sample booths, trade show exhibits, and anywhere else a compact promotional fixture is needed. Portability makes these fixtures incredibly useful for travel between trade shows or to take out for limited-time events.
  • Multi-panel sign holders allow users to diversify graphics within one convenient fixture. Retail locations can advertise multiple products at once, display custom sales signage, or promote company membership cards. In restaurant settings, use the multiple sides to showcase menu specials, dessert listings, and in-house drink options.

We offer multiple styles of sign holders includin tri-fold menu displays, those with rotating bases, and others with stabilizing feet or spindles. New pages or graphics can be inserted from either the top or the bottom, making it quick and easy to update promotional material. If you are short on space you will not regret ordering one of these spindle displays. These sign holders are ideal as table tents, menu holders, photo and picture frames and retail displays. They are the ideal addition to your home, business, shop, restaurant, museum, or hotel. You may also like to view our complete line of clear countertop display frames which can found with a plethora of unique designs. As the manufacturer, Displays2go also has the ability to customize a display just for you.

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