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Adding magazine pockets to a wall mounted display frame

Wall Mounted Magazine Racks & Organizers for the Workplace

How do working professionals keep offices and waiting rooms neat and tidy? Wall magazine racks are vital tools for maintaining and organizing public areas. Stacking literature on tables makes them hard to see. Use these top-quality wall magazine racks to provide easier recognition of periodicals or catalogs. Visitors and customers can scan for a title quickly and without hassle. We offer several different models and configurations in a large variety of materials. Match the perfect wall magazine rack to your interior decor with plastic, wood, or metal styles. Most models feature multiple pockets with tiered designs, called tract racks, that store and display lots of publications. Mount them to provide patients with reading material or to stock takeaway literature about a company, product, or service. The name of the game is organization. Wall magazine racks not only make for a neat and clean interior, but also cater to your clientele in a professional manner.

What kinds of literature organizers do we have to offer?

  • Multiple-pocket wall magazine racks are excellent choices for the busy waiting room or trade show booth. With their many tiers and rows, lots of printed material can be displayed within easy reach. Choose straightforward pockets or opt for ones with adjustable dividers. This gives you the flexibility to insert magazines or catalogs of varying sizes as well as the traditional folded brochure.
Closeup of a wooden magazine wall rack with mahogany stained finish
  • Single pockets are just that — one holder for a stack of the same publication or pamphlet. If you are a lender advertising the latest mortgage rates or a salesperson explaining a cost breakdown, sometimes all you have is the one printed document. A single pocket will help store and display these items for quick customer interactions.
  • File holders & cubicle hangers are tools for the office. Thanks to their organizing capabilities and specialized mounting features, these racks are a must for the clerical employee. Many models are HIPAA Compliant, designed to protect the security and privacy of patient information.
  • Exterior magazine pockets are common to the real estate industry. These are sized to accommodate house listings in full catalog or standard brochure formats. Their design protects your printed publications from the elements, yet provides the public with easy-to-access lift-up lids.

If you're not sure about which style to choose from, you can shop via material. Our last categories reflect the three main manufacturing materials: plastic, wood, and metal. Here, you won't be hindered by style or function; choose by color of wood finish (oak/mahogany), or type of metal (steel/aluminum). Perhaps our most popular wall literature holders are the clear plastic line. These affordable displays feature adjustable dividers and/or multiple tiered arrays boasting up to 32 pockets. Manufactured from high-impact acrylic, they are also lightweight when compared with the wood or metal iterations. This collection of magazine holders offers something for everyone, no matter the application. Need a literature rack in a hurry? Most models ship out same day if purchased before 3PM EST!

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