Hanging Posters | Display Frames that Suspend from Ceilings

Ceiling Mounted & Hanging Poster Frames: Single Panels & Grid Formations

Hanging Sign Kit in UseThis hanging poster is an ideal method used to hang movie prints or signs from the ceiling. There are various sizes and framing materials to choose from. These poster display holders make ceiling mounting of signs, and posters simple. One person can do the task of suspending these fixtures. How does a hanging poster differ from the traditional wall mount frames? There are many similarities between the two, but the one major difference is the supplemental hardware that is included with these ceiling display hangers. Retail stores and shopping malls like to place these sign displays from suspended roofs to keep them out of reach of vandals or curious children. This hanging poster, ceiling hanger is in-stock and ready to ship. In addition to the merchandise shown on this page there is a broader selection of cheap sign holders and low cost frames found in this online catalog. Use this hanging poster as an innovative alternative to traditional wall mounting.

Hanging Movie PosterMany retailers inquire as to how to hang pictures from the ceiling. The answer is quite simple; use one of the sign kits featured here! This hanging poster features a clear acrylic lens, with two holes already drilled out and other hardware needed to suspend a sign from a ceiling. Prior to mounting these ceiling hangers insert the desired movie print or sign. Choose the spot on the overhead where the poster will hang. Attach the ceiling hooks to the overhead. Join the chain and hooks to the hanging poster and then hang each s-hook from the corresponding ceiling hook. One person can easily perform this task. This hanging poster is available in a wide range of sizes. By using acrylic as the framing material, this allows customers the choice of placing two different signs back to back. It's like getting two hanging posters in one. Also by using acrylic; none of the displayed movie print, or sign is covered up by a bulky metal or wood frame. Banks and other financial institutions use a hanging poster to advertise new objects or services.

Cable Hanging FrameThere are also ceiling hangers that feature a lightweight aluminum frame available here. These poster hanging systems are unique in that they can either be mounted on a wall or suspended from the ceiling. Businesses use these ceiling display hangers to showcase signage that is changed out on a regular basis. The sides of this hanging poster features an open slot to allow access to the signs or movie posters. Customers ordering these poster hanging systems have to provide their own hardware to hang them from the overhead. Most of the necessary supplies can be purchased at a local department store. In addition to the hanging poster shown here, there is also a huge selection of banner rails that can also be suspended from a ceiling or hung on a wall. These banner rails are made from either heavy duty plastic, or aluminum. Depending on the type of banner rails chosen; included hardware could be s-hooks and chain, or suction cups and plastic eyelets.

What type of hardware is included with these sign kits?
  • Most of the displays include s-hooks and chains to mount to the ceiling.
  • Some of these sign hangers do not have included hardware.
  • The sign holders with metal frames include plastic eyelets to allow for either ceiling or wall mounting.
Can any of these sign systems be used as wall mount sign holders?
  • For the most part these sign hangers are intended to be suspended from the overhead.
  • Some of the banner hangers feature pre-drilled holes that allow for wall mounting.
  • For further questions regarding wall mount capabilities or other wall mount units, contact a customer service specialist.

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