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Wood Magazine Racks | Wooden Tower Stands for Literature

Wood Magazine Racks - Durable Literature Tower Stands with Many Display Pockets

Wood Magazine Rack

Ever considered using wood magazine racks to sort those piles of literature that are just lying around your office or waiting room? These wooden literature tower stands provide the ideal way to organize periodicals in manner that is more accessible to customers. Many professional offices use a wall hanging rack to organize magazines, but sometimes the space on the wall is just not available. For these situations, floor standing wood magazine racks are more practical. The tiered periodical displays allow users to clear up table space while ensuring that magazines are still accessible to visitors and clients. These wood magazine racks, sometimes called literature tower stands, are much more effective at attracting interest from readers or potential buyers. Customers generally prefer a well organized place to choose their reading materials. With magazine stands and racks in metal, wood, wire, and acrylic to choose from, there is an item to match every furniture and d├ęcor style!

Why choose wooden literature tower stands over other style?
  • These wood magazine racks provide long-lasting performance, even when used in high traffic areas. The durable hardwood construction is designed to handle lots of traffic, which is great for waiting rooms, business offices, and even hallways.
  • The large stationary design is stable, so users do not have to worry about the catalog holders toppling over. Even if the racks tipped for some reason, they are much less likely to break than their plastic counterparts.
  • The tiered configuration is yet another helpful feature of the magazine rack displays. While some of the other holders have only single pockets, these units have a cascading structure that leaves enough room for every magazine. The stacked compartments ensure onlookers can see the different selections with ease despite the compact design.
Wooden Literature Tower Stands What aspects separate each literature display stand from the next?
  • As mentioned above, the pocket compartments on these stands are oriented in a way that maximizes visibility. This way, titles and covers are easily spotted by bystanders.
  • Some of the publication display holders are tiered with partially concealed pockets. This design allows for more information to be stored in one location.
  • Other wooden towers for literature are designed with clear acrylic fronts on each pocket. As a result, people are able to see the full cover of the lowest magazine as well as much more of the covers on all the rest of the periodicals.
  • Still more designs are made with open shelving instead of pockets. The trays provide the most visibility of all the options; however, they do not typically accommodate as many pieces of literature.
  • Customers are able to choose from three, four, seven, ten, twelve, fourteen, or twenty pocket models. In addition, there are black, light oak, medium oak, silver, and red mahogany finishes. Choose the color that brings out the best in your establishment's decor!

These publication racks come in a variety of styles and colors to best accent the environment as well as the various publications. Customers can choose from different wood styles including oak and mahogany. These wood types come in various shades to match decor. Units feature anywhere from seven pockets all the way up to twenty pockets, and more styles get added all the time. The heights of the wooden towers range from just over three feet to almost four feet depending on the amount of literature pockets utilized. Customers can select the model that has the correct number of openings for the literature they want to display. Some of the designs include shelving for easy magazine insertion and distribution. These shelved publication racks and magazine stands are great for changing out old issues with the latest editions. The four shelves offer plenty of space for exhibiting many different periodicals. These units make showcasing magazine exceptionally easy!

Floor Racks for Literature

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