Wooden File Folder Racks | Hanging File & Chart Organizers

Wood File Folder Racks - Hanging Holders for Charts & Folders

These file folder racks feature wood craftsmanship for long-lasting durability. The wall hanging chart organizers are ideal for busy offices with a lot of important documents. A file folder rack keeps anything from medical history to corporate accounting files sorted and accessible. Each wooden box for oaktag folders has a solid design that conceals the front of the pockets. This way, the file holder racks ensure privacy for sensitive information. The complete collection features many options including finish and pocket configurations. Some file folder racks are just a single pocket, while others are equipped with several slots. Get those manilla folders sorted and organized with a 1-pocket or multi-pocket system today!

What is the difference between traditional wall mounted wood file racks and medical chart holders?
  • Some of our file folder racks are designed specifically for the healthcare industry because they ensure patient privacy.
  • The HIPAA compliance act was drafted and passed in 1996 to help standardize the efficiency and confidentiality of the healthcare industry, specifically dealing with health-related data and medical history.
  • A medical chart holder that is HIPAA compliant, specifically these models, are crafted from solid wood with a concealed front. This way, the medical chart holders keep important documents and files protected for patients.
  • These privacy and medical chart racks fully comply with the regulations set forth, so doctors' offices, hospitals, and other healthcare agencies can keep information safe and confidential. Some offices comply with independent regulations set up by JCAHO, which is an independent organization not affiliated with the government. JCAHO, or the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, may not have any legal power but many institutions still use their guidelines. HIPAA compliant file racks are ideal for many applications where proper record handling is crucial.
  • Whether your office is small and only requires a medical chart holder with a single pocket or you need a multi-pocket rack for an entire hospital, our comprehensive selection has the right tools.

One of the main advantages of these privacy chart racks is that they mount on the wall. The mounted configuration of the file boxes not only keeps desks, floors, and other areas clear, but also it keeps the required medical documents or hospital information at the fingertips of employees. The wooden design of each chart holder lends an upscale touch to professional office environments. Rather than relying on a simple wire or acrylic rack, hospital administrators and healthcare workers can use these solid wood hanging racks that will last much longer. Medical records are too important to take lightly, which is why so many HIPAA compliant offices already employ these chart displays. While the hanging wood holders for file folders are typically hung near a front desk or nurses station, they can also be put on the doors to patient rooms so the information is right near the hospital bed.

The key to efficiency in any company, business, or non-profit is organization. Imagine an office where every file is sorted, alphabetized, and categorized accurately. With the right document and file storage tools, users will be able to design a fully functional environment that caters to high performance. The hanging file displays are great for hospitals and medical offices because the increased efficiency decreases wait times for patients and clients. The complete line of wall mounted literature racks has everything you need for filing magazines, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, flyers, newspapers, catalogs, books, and other periodicals. The versatile wall mount holders with wood construction are just some of the many designs available. There is also a full array of standing magazine holders for sale online, so customers can find the ideal solution for their company or home office's needs. Choose from a massive selection of in stock & ready to ship products that include metal series, wooden units, and even clear acrylic file organizers.

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