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Poster Frames with Convex & Curved Designs

8.5 x 11 Curved FrameA great way to make advertising and marketing graphics stand out is with one of these curved poster frames. Make signage "pop-out" at the viewers with these one of a kind sign holders. Can any of these curved poster frames be used on a desktop? The smaller 8.5"x11" unit shown above can be used on a desk or countertop. For use on a wall these unique curved poster display frames capture customer's attention. Each of these convex sign holders can be changed very quickly for a new sign display whenever desired! Most of these curved poster frames have an anti-glare lens to ensure that customers will get a clear view of the movie print or advertisement graphics from any angle. There is a huge assortment of sizes available including those suitable for office door signage, or way finding sign displays.

Curved Poster FrameTheater owners like to use these curved poster frames as a unique means of displaying an upcoming feature or show. These 27"x40" and 27"x41" sign holders are the two most common sizes for movie prints. These curved poster frames not only frame movie posters they add a three-dimensional look to the display. Stand out from the competition with these convex sign holders. Theaters typically change out posters frequently, and with these curved movie poster frames this is quick and easy. Simply flex the lens and remove the old sign, and replace with the new movie print and lens. No need to take the entire fixture down to change the displayed sign. Mounting these curved poster frames is also fairly simple. All of the necessary hardware is included with each purchase. More and more businesses are looking for creative ways to attract more attention in an effort to increase sales. These curved poster frames will do just that. Passersby with surely stop and notice the marketing signage in these sign holders, "popping" out at them from the wall. So, no matter what the need or function; these print displays will help businesses get their marketing ads noticed, which leads to more sales!

One of the newer display lines among these curved poster frames are these office door signs. Large business offices tend to label personal offices and meeting rooms, and these way finding signs provide a means of announcing the owner of the office or the name of the meeting room. Huge corporations buy these curved poster frames and door sign holder displays by the hundreds to uniformly outfit an entire building. These door signs make it easy for clients to find the correct office, without having to ask for directions. In addition these curved poster frames allow companies to display information in a fashionable manner. Traditional door sign holders or other office door signs are typically flat and boring. This curved poster frame has a slight convex framing giving the displayed sign or banner a little additional flair. All of the wayfinding sign holders shown here are versatile and can hang either horizontally or vertically. Hang one or many curved poster frames to create an easy to read directory for visiting clients. Due to the small size of most of the office door signs; customers can print signage right from a standard office printer. As with the curved movie poster frames; these door sign holders make changing signage easy. The lens can be slightly pinched to release it from the framing, and then the sign can be replaced along with the non-glare lens. Again, there is no need to remove the entire unit to change the signage. Buy these curved poster frames before 3PM EST, and they ship same day when in-stock!

Do any of these curved sign holders include a non-glare lens?
  • All of the picture frames featured here come with some type of lens to protect the movie poster or print.
  • In some instances the lens is a clear plastic lens, that is not non-glare.
  • Be sure to read the description for full details on whether or not the included lens is non-glare, or simply clear plastic.
Can a matboard be used in any of these curved sign holders?
  • Theoretically a matboard could be used with any of the frames shown here.
  • Some of these sign holders have very little clearance and can not hold thicker materials.
  • For further questions regarding tolerances and channel thickness of any of these sign holders be sure to contact a customer service representative prior to purchase.

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