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Banner and Flag Advertising is an Impactful Advertising Solution

They’re everywhere. Driving down the road, in front of stores, decorating schools, and trade show booths — you’re bound to see them. Banner and flag advertising is used by companies of all kinds as a means of promoting goods, services, and special events. The options are endless when it comes to the styles available and people can get creative with how their messaging impacts their audience. Banner and flag advertising is cost-effective with an option for any budget — big or small. Create timeless promotions and effective branding with this marketing strategy. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, there’s a banner and flag advertising solution for you.

Feather flags are an eye-catching advertising tool What are the style options available to help positively impact my business?
  • Feather, teardrop, and block style banner and flag advertising is a great way to promote your company and its goods from outside the establishment. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these come in pre-printed short messages like “Open”, “Sale”, “Welcome”, and other phrases including ones for holidays like Christmas or Halloween. Full-text and color customization is also an option, a very popular one at that. Customers can send us the phrases and artwork they’d like on their piece and we’ll do the rest to ensure it’s exactly what they’ve envisioned. Each style comes with either a ground spike base, a cross base with a water bag, or a fillable water base that is great for withstanding high winds.
  • Retractable and non-retractable banner stands come in different sizes and styles, some even with iPad floor stands and literature holders. Tabletop and floor standing models are available in the retractable models, and many of them are portable and can be customized with the artwork of your choosing. Non-retractable units also have the portability feature and have the options of custom graphics too. Both styles of stands have models that are height adjustable, double-sided graphics, and ones designed for the outdoors. The stands and graphics are also sold separately which comes in handy if you need a replacement!
  • Ceiling banners are an impactful marketing tool
  • Hanging banners can be found in any commercial setting, especially retail stores and restaurants. These banners come in many dimensions and most can be fully customized with the artwork you provide. There are also holiday posters in a variety of styles that can be personalized with sales information specific to your store. Also within this section are frames — options for indoors and outdoors to fit these banners. Each picture holder comes with the appropriate hardware needed to mount your piece to the wall. Ceiling banners, available in round and square shapes, are ideal for trades shows and expo events.These units are customizable as well and come with a stretch fabric graphic that fits the shape of the ceiling piece, and even includes hooks to help hang it. Ceiling banners are sure to be an eye-catching display at any event!
  • Pop-up sideline banners are A-frame style units that are made of a mesh fabric that can resist outdoor elements like the wind. These are great for displaying sponsors at events, wayfinding information, and to promote businesses at field style locations like soccer matches or football games. Full-color digital printing gives each banner a vivid finish and lets it be seen from far distances. These units take different shapes and come in many dimensions — there’s bound to be one to meet your needs!
  • Backpack banners are the perfect guerilla marketing tactic — human billboards! These pouches come with a retractable banner that can be customized with the artwork that you provide us. Perfect for crowded events, trade shows, or expos, these backpack banners can help promote your business hands-free.

What’s great about Displays2go is that when you invest in a banner or flag display, most of the products have the option of buying replacement graphics. Did your banner rip before a big event? No problem! Purchase a replacement graphic. This option is also great if you’re someone who switches out signage often but doesn’t want to invest in a brand-new product — keep your frame and easily update the graphic. Displays2go has hundreds of unique signage options to enhance your business, regardless of the environment. Browse through our extensive selection and see for yourself!

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