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12" DCS series blue acrylic square display base with grooved around edge
12 x 12 Square Base for DCS Countertop Display Cases - Blue
More Color & Size Options Available! $19.99

12" red base for DCR series round display cases is 0.5" thick
12" Round Base for DCR Countertop Display Cases - Red
More Color & Size Options Available! $19.99

12" blue display base for DCR round cases with grooved edge
12" Round Base for DCR Countertop Display Cases - Blue
More Color & Size Options Available! $19.99

12" diameter DCR series product display base .5" thick
12" Round Base for DCR Countertop Display Cases - White
More Color & Size Options Available! $19.99

12" square red acrylic display base 0.5" thick
12 x 12 Square Base for DCS Countertop Display Cases - Red
More Color & Size Options Available! $19.99

Memorabilia Display Cases
Model Display Case w/ Lift-Off Top, Acrylic Sides & Base
More Common Size (w x h x d) Options Available! $22.29

Black 8.5 x 11 frame for magazine
8.5 x 11 Magazine Frame for Wall Mount with Felt Backing, 1" Deep - Black
More Color Options Available! $32.99 $26.39 Save 20%

White 8.5 x 11 magazine display frame
8.5 x 11 Magazine Frame for Wall Mount with Felt Backing, 1" Deep - White
More Color Options Available! $32.99 $26.39 Save 20%

Shadow Box
12 x 16 Shadow Box for Wall Mount, Swing-Open Door, 3/4-inch Deep - Black
$27.79 #2 Best Seller! Display Cases > Shadow Boxes

American Flag Frame in Triangular Design
Wood Flag Case for 3’ x 5’ Flags, Hinged Magnetic Front Door – Brown
More Color Options Available! $39.99 $31.99 Save 20%

Showcases for Featuring Wares, Exhibits, Flags, and Personal Collections

portable display case tower

How do you highlight items while protecting them from dust and theft? These display showcases feature high visibility designs for exhibiting merchandise, artwork, and commemorative flags. Cases are available in a number of designs to serve the different needs of retail stores, restaurants, collectors, and museums. Our large selection of display showcases includes locking cabinets, illuminated displays, and countertop model holders. These fixtures are made for a variety of placement options as well. Discover display showcases with floor standing, countertop sitting, or wall mounted designs to fit in your interior, no matter how much space you have.

What types of exhibit cases are offered here?
  • Tall display showcases are excellent for maximizing visibility. These cabinets are available in a number of constructions including the modern frameless design that creates a full view presentation. This style is mostly made out of tempered glass for visibility from any angle. Narrow tower fixtures are great for retail stores that need an upscale merchandiser with a small footprint. Many of our large glass cabinets additionally include lighting to bring extra attention to the contents inside. There are a number of illumination options available: top or side lights, halogen or LED, and fixed position or adjustable.
  • Our cash wraps and counter showcases are perfect for retail stores. This furniture creates a convenient countertop for handling customer transactions. There are a number of styles available, including simple cash wraps just for holding the cash register and tempered glass cabinets that can hold lots of high-interest merchandise. Most counter cases come with shelves and pull-out drawers for holding supplies. Large department stores can choose our configurations that are made of multiple units for the ultimate POS area.
  • Museum pedestals and tables have an elegant design that's often featured in historical societies and art galleries. With their simple appearance, they highlight the exhibit without distracting from it. Our pedestal cases feature a slim fabrication that's excellent for highlighting a single piece. Whether it's artwork, a historical artifact, or a collector's item, these modest fixtures make it stand out. The longer museum tables have more room for holding multiple exhibits, yet they have the same simple elegance that brings attention to their contents.
  • retail checkout counter case
  • Our model cases are perfect for collectors. These affordable countertop holders are made for smaller items, like collectible action figures, sports memorabilia, and glass figurines. Wall mounted and countertop shadow boxes are another great option that give keepsakes a memorable presentation. This style is made with MDF on the top, bottom, and sides, framing the item inside.
  • Flag holders are ideal for commemorating years of military service or remembering a loved one who served. Our wooden banner displays are available in a number of attractive finishes and are made for both 3' x 5' and 5' x 9.5' ensigns. Other flag cases have extra room for featuring photographs, medals, and other military honors. Hang these military memorabilia holders on a wall or place them on a tabletop or mantel.

Our showcases are great for merchandising, exhibiting artwork and artifacts, or just showing off your collection. While they're used for a wide variety of applications, it's important to find the right model that suits your needs. If the holder will be in a public area, it should lock to prevent theft of valuable merchandise and artwork. Lighting is required not just in dark rooms, but places where you're fighting to get people's attention. Browse models with height adjustable shelving if you need to exhibit especially large wares. Portable display cabinets are excellent for bringing to events and creating a professional presentation. Our large catalog has commercial fixtures for any businesses, all offered with bulk pricing and fast shipping.

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