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Facilities Maintenance Supplies - Commercial Business Equipment

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Office Number Signs
6 x 4 Door Sign Holder w/ Acrylic Plates & Standoffs
More Media Size Options Available! $10.54

Durable Acrylic Cake Pop Stand
Workshop Series Acrylic Cake Pop Stand w/ Sign Holder, 12 Stick Capacity - Clear
$10.54 #2 Best Seller! Food Service > Serving Trays, Baskets & Stands

suspended sign panel
Workshop Series 11 x 8.5 Acrylic Sign Frame for Ceiling Hanging - Clear
More Media Size & Orientation Options Available! $10.54

90” Round Table Cloth
Round 5-foot Table Cloth - White
More Overall Diameter & Color Options Available! $13.34 $10.67 Save 20%

poster display kit
22-inch Banner Rails, Hinged Snap Open Design - Silver
More Banner Width Options Available! $13.51 $10.71 Save 21%

5 x 7 maple wooden double post menu holder
5” x 7” Wooden Frame with 2 Metal Rings – Maple
More Color & Media Size Options Available! $10.71

Aluminum Banner Hangers
36-inch Hanging Banner Rails, Hinged Grip Closure Design - Silver
More Color & Banner Width Options Available! $13.51 $10.71 Save 21%

Travel Flyer Display with Slanted Base
2-Pocket MDF Brochure Holder, 4"w, Tabletop, Ships Flat - Black
More Color Options Available! $13.32 $10.72 Save 20%

cable mounts
1-3/16" Edge Grip Cable Clamps for Cable Hanging System, Set of 4 - Silver
More Size (Diameter x Depth) Options Available! $13.33 $10.73 Save 20%

2 Pocket Brochure Holder with Side by Side Design
2-Pocket MDF Brochure Holder, 4"w, Tabletop, Ships Flat - Plywood
More Color Options Available! $13.65 $10.85 Save 21%

stand offs
5/8 x 1-1/2 Through Grip Standoffs, Round, Aluminum, Set of 4 - Silver
More Size (Diameter x Depth) Options Available! $10.93

Wine List Covers
Menu Cover for 4.25 x 11 Menus, Photo Album Corners, Double Panel - Black
More Panel Type & Media Size Options Available! $10.99

Food Trays
18"w Rectangular Plastic Tray - Clear
More Overall Width Options Available! $11.09

Certificate Frames: 8-1/2" x 11", Black
8.5 x 11 Document Frame for Table or Wall Mount, Aluminum - Black
More Media Size & Color Options Available! $11.12

Wall Signage
5.5 x 6 Curved Adhesive Wall Sign Holder, Snap-out Lens - Silver
More Media Size & Color Options Available! $11.13

Restaurant Bread Baskets with a Stainless Steel Finish
Oval Wire Basket - Stainless Steel
More Color Options Available! $11.15

banquet table cover
Round 6' Table Cloth - Blue
More Color & Table Size Options Available! $24.13 $11.18 Save 54%

11 x 8.5 angled glare free clear plastic horizontal sign holder
Workshop Series 11" x 8.5" Acrylic Sign Holder, Slant Back, Non-Glare Finish - Clear
More Media Size & Orientation Options Available! $13.99 $11.19 Save 20%

8.5 x 11 slant back non glare acrylic sign frame
Workshop Series 8.5” x 11” Acrylic Sign Holder, Slant Back, Non-Glare Finish - Clear
More Media Size & Orientation Options Available! $13.99 $11.19 Save 20%

decorative screw heads
3/4" Round Brass Screw Cover Set, Includes (8) Screws & Covers - Silver
More Color & Overall Diameter Options Available! $11.20

1" Black Sign Spacers
3/4 x 1 Through Grip Standoffs, Round, Aluminum - Black
More Size (Diameter x Depth) & Color Options Available! $11.30

Cheap Banquet Tablecloths
8-foot Table Cloth - Ivory
More Color Options Available! $11.37

poster holder kit
48" Banner Rails, Ceiling Hanging, Plastic - Clear
More Banner Width Options Available! $11.43

Crowd Control, Safety, and Sanitation Supplies for Businesses

dual receptacle bins

Need to furnish your building with the essentials? These facilities maintenance supplies are excellent for commercial enterprises that require crowd control, sanitation systems, and secure storage. Our catalog features hundreds of high quality fixtures that simplify tasks around the workplace. The facilities maintenance supplies are ideal for use across a wide range of industries — from warehouses and offices to everyday stores and restaurants, these fixtures will get the job done. All of our utilities are made with high durability designs to last for years, no matter the environment. Shop our facilities maintenance supplies and benefit from quick shipping and wholesale pricing.

What problems does this workplace equipment solve?
  • Safety – Our facilities maintenance equipment includes high visibility signage that directs both employees and visitors. Stop signs, "Do not enter" displays, and traffic cones are ideal for increasing awareness in busy warehouses and parking lots. Whether the driver is operating a car, a forklift, or an 18-wheeler, these brightly colored fixtures will get their attention. These safety signs are made with weather-resistant materials for use outdoors as well as indoors.
  • Crowd control – Stanchions make it easy to direct customers and form orderly lines. Posts with retractable belts feature a simple, professional appearance that looks great in banks, service organizations, and transportation terminals. Poles with ropes have a more upscale design that matches hotels, car shows, and fancy restaurants. Café barriers create large barricades that are excellent for creating dining areas, inside or out. Our catalog of stanchions offers a lot of options, featuring a number of finishes, custom printed posts and belts, and pole-topping accessories.
  • Security – Lockers are integral to creating a secure environment because they prevent theft and unauthorized entry. Large locking storage cabinets are the perfect way to store students' and workers' belongings. These are offered in tiered sets that save space with their compact design. Key boxes are smaller, but are ideal for large buildings. Hotels and apartment complexes use these units to control access to every room. Floor standing models make great valet podiums, securely holding a large quantity of car keys and labels. Locking phone charging cabinets securely power up devices behind resettable combination locks. This is a great way to accommodate both customers and employees in the digital age.
  • heavy duty hand carts
  • Sanitation – Where would businesses be without maintenance equipment for keeping everything clean? Our large selection of trash cans and recycling bins. We offer large receptacles for outdoor environments that are made with weather resistant plastic as well as indoor models with attractive finishes. In addition, we have smoker's stations for safely collecting cigarette butts. Why stop there? Hand sanitizer stations and mounts are perfect for getting people to start healthy habits. Touch-free dispensers are available as floor stands, countertop displays, and wall mounts.
  • Logistics – Our business maintenance equipment also includes carts for service, cleaning, and moving supplies. These range from lightweight utility dollies to heavy-duty pushcarts that can even change shape to accommodate the cargo. The lighter plastic carts are perfect for bus boys and janitors while the metal handcarts will take care of warehouse logistics.

Maintenance equipment is the backbone of any business, doing many of the jobs that we don't think about. It's important to get durable and effective supplies, but it's just as important to use them right. Ensure safe practices, not just by using high visibility signs, but by placing them in the right place so that they can't be missed. Form orderly lines with stanchions and minimize congestion. Our catalog features thousands of tools for helping businesses strive and grow, but only if they're used right.

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