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Counter Displays in Many Sizes & Styles!

Counter Displays - Point of Purchase Sale Merchandising Fixtures

These POP stands, counter displays are necessary for merchandise presentation! Counter top displays are offered in many styles, sizes or merchant price points. Counter Displays - Any retail point of purchase location has counter space for customers to shop from. Counter stands are available in hundreds of styles, in-stock to suit all of your needs.

Counter fixtures, also known as merchandise racks, tell visitors about new products or services to promote last minute sales or market materials. These tabletop displays magazine holders, book stands, easel displays and much more! Counter stands, also known as retail racks, disseminate company information. These counter displays enjoy a captive audience in reception or lobby areas, promoting your products and services. We've got a huge selection of single or multi-pocket counter displays in stock for all sizes of pamphlet and leaflets.

Sales people often get tied up with other customers but you can still offer excellent service information with a pamphlet stand. Information comes in many formats ranging from newspapers to tri-fold leaflets. These tabletop holders, counter displays enable presentation of promotional materials in an organized manner. Signs also make great countertop displays because they draw attention to particular areas! The word SALE catches shopper's eyes, then a countertop sign shows them information from a distance. Draw potential store customers inside! Counter signs provide information regarding pricing, specifications, artist information, or anything you would like regarding new product lines. Large impact advertising works well with countertop poster holders. The one featured here holds a standard 22" x 28" poster.

To promote impulse purchases, counter top display stands get it done! While customers wait in line allow them to continue shopping at cash out with a CD rack. There is hardly a store or coffee shop that you go into that isn't playing or promoting a soundtrack. CD counter fixtures advertise these items. CD or Multi-Media stores promote new releases that customers might not know about yet. Business card holders provide customers an opportunity to re-establish contact. Any business card holder works great on a desktop, counter or table. Multi-pocket business card holders work great at service centers, doctor's offices, stores or businesses with multiple salesmen or even banks.

A donation box makes a perfect desktop display especially at a register because people often have time to read about charities and donate loose change or bills to a worthy cause. Most products feature a sign holder or optional sign channel so that you can advertise organizations or a foundation about a charity cause. Collect suggestions about your store or restaurants service or offer a promotional raffle. A place that people often spend a lot of time at a countertop area is at banks. For your convenience we have an entire line dedicated to bank products. We have date reminder products as well as NCUA, FDIC & "Next Window Please" signs and signs that tell about the Patriot Act, Banking hours and Funds Availability Policies. These signs all help with convenience and cut down on time that tellers need to spend explaining bank policies, hours, etc. Each of these signs is offered in classy chrome, gold or black.

These retail stands are essential sales tools! For patrons awaiting service at restaurants with bars, table tents or menu displays are great for them to browse while they're waiting. For a lengthy menu or extensive selection of drinks, appetizers or specials; we offer four sided quad table signs. For an upscale feel, ribbon trimmed table tents dress up any table. See thousands of different retail point of purchase and POS merchandising products. Our main shopping page will point you in the right direction. We have been manufacturing merchandise fixtures since 1974. We are a leader in this niche industry. With an evolution of on-line stores, a lot of "virtual" businesses introduce themselves into POP marketplaces. These virtual stores act simply as brokers, often re-faxing your purchase order to a real manufacturer. As a broker, they lose control over quality service. You, as a customer, suffers when virtual display house brokers pretend to be more. It is a simple point of fact that we (as the largest U.S. POP manufacturer) can provide better service during entire purchasing-shipping transactions.

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