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10-Tier Literature Display Racks for Floor, Countertop & Wall Mount

10-Tier Magazine Displays — Literature Stands in Wood, MDF, Metal, & Acrylic

Looking for footprint-efficient ways to dispense many printed publications at once to promote your business? Our 10-tier literature display racks hold ten rows of literature - and double-sided models support 20. Most of these magazine stands feature adjustable compartments with removable pegs. Many of these 10-tier literature display racks come with poster frames above the featured publications. These wall, counter and floor fixtures work best in large-scale venues like airports, malls, movie theaters, and auto dealerships.

Our 10-tier literature display racks and magazine stands are constructed of wood, MDF, wire, and acrylic to suit any venue and price point. Our single-sided catalog stands are appropriate for smaller establishments, real estate and medical offices, convenience stores and card stores. Most of the these are portable, and come with a convenient carry case. Road warriors depend on lightweight brochure organizers like these for trade show and exhibition use.

The advertising world may have gone digital, but print ads - posters, catalogs, and trifolds - never lose their promotional magic. The reason is simple: visitors feel connected to your organization when they can take something with them. They will more likely than not, tack up a business card on a message board for future reference. Customers typically will tuck a trifold inside a purse or pants pocket on their way out of a store or trade show booth so they can get to know your goods and services better when they have more time.

What features should I consider when buying magazine stands?
  • Mount: Our 10-Tier literature display racks can be placed on the counter, floor, or wall depending on venue size and footprint.
  • Construction: Brochure holders and catalog dispensers are available in a wood, plywood, veneer, affordable MDF, clear acrylic, steel mesh and wire.
  • Finish: These wooden magazine stands come in light, light oak, medium oak, red mahogany, and black finishes. Metal and laminate fixtures are available in black, silver or white.
  • Size: Our pamphlet organizers come in an array of sizes to suit any commercial space, from a big sports arena to a tiny trade show booth.
  • Configuration: Each of these literature display racks are available in fixed and portable styles, with 1- and 2-sided configurations, along with vertical or horizontal tiers. Other options include A-frame and pedestal designs.

Choosing a magazine rack style will be the hardest - and most fun - part of buying a catalog organizer from Displays2go! If you’re promoting your business in a large convention center or concert hall, 7’ magazine stands with brochure attachments, top signage, and wheels are a great way to go. Gleaming chrome standoffs secure graphics, for an added décor boost on any showroom floor. Place small, clear acrylic display racks with “take-one” pamphlets strategically on countertops near check-out areas. Floor-mounted racks with vertical pockets and a sign header take up only a small footprint in shops and convenience stores. Lightweight, collapsible fixtures with a carry bag are popular with sales people whose displays need to be road-worthy. Mesh racks add a modern style to any retail or office setting, and the contents are obscured just enough to keep the presentation area professional looking.

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