10'+ Table Covers for Oversize Vendor, Restaurant & Trade Show Fixtures

Extra Large Tablecloths - Stylish Linens & Accessories for 120" and Larger Tables

Do you have oversized trade show or hospitality fixtures that need 10'+ table covers? Displays2go's huge selection of commercial quality coverings includes a wide variety of throws, runners, and tableskirts designed to fit 70"-162" (and even larger) exhibition stands. Like our custom-printed styles, these blank, solid color 10'+ table covers are commercial-quality fixtures made for durability. Washable polyester fabric makes these accessories ideal for heavy daily use at hospitality, trade show, and promotional events. Rich, fade resistant coloring comes in a variety of shades to match or complement almost any brand requirements. These rectangular 10'+ table covers, called extra long tablecloths because they fit sizes ranging from 70" to 192" long, can also be used with round or even square fixtures as needed. From exhibitions and convention marketing accessories to straightforward dining use by wedding and banquet catering vendors, these solid color throws and runners are the perfect addition to any commercial facility.

What style solid color extra long tablecloths fit 70"-192" and up fixtures?
  • 10'+ table covers with standard 4-sided coverage come in a range of sizes. When used for seating in dining or event environments, many companies prefer a longer or full-length drape for coverage. Closed-back styles with a shorter drop tend to be easier to handle for use with skirting or as trade show fixtures.
  • Fire-safe polyester throws are also available in 3-sided designs that are ideal for conventions or events, such as awards banquets, where a head table is needed. The three long sides provide privacy and hide supplies or merchandise, while allowing easy access via the open back.
  • Extra-long runners add a touch of style to any event or environment. Variable sizes allow the accessories to be used either widthwise or lengthwise, depending on the look desired. Polyester fabric in a full range of colors provides high visual contrast that is sure to attract customer or guest attention.
  • Tableskirts add decorative, full-length skirting to standard flat covers. Our selection of adjustable accessories can be used with either round or rectangular fixtures as needed. Full-length tableskirts with box pleats are a great choice for hospitality and dining use, as well as giving a professional look to convention or conference seating.

Commercial exhibition and trade show fixture coverings help turn standard folding tables into stylish facility furnishings. In addition to promotional events, these versatile accessories are ideal for high volume catering or dining establishments. The range of colors and styles will complement the most basic school or job fair as well as the most elegant wedding or banquet. The majority of rectangular throws and skirting adapt easily to use with round or even square fixtures. For maximum visibility in public, Displays2go's wide selection includes many tablecloths with custom imprinting options for branding, logos, or facility messaging.

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