11 x 14 Bulk Picture Frames Display Large Photographic Prints

Bulk Picture Frames in 11 x 14 Format Ship Out Same Day!

Why are these ready-made photo holders popular choices with customers? 11 x 14 bulk picture frames come with flexible display options. For starters, the format's size bridges the gap between small and large. Smaller than a poster print but larger than a desktop photo, these 11 x 14 bulk picture frames offer just the right size for many applications. Showcase family and wedding portraits or company employees, all in a pleasing format for easier viewing and recognition. With the addition of a pre-cut mat board (included with purchase), these frames switch to an 8 x 10 photo holder. This makes them versatile additions to any type of interior decor, professional or residential.

What styles are available? We offer 11 x 14 bulk picture frames in many classic colors, including everyone's favorite - black. These models range from simple profiles to more elaborate mouldings that elevate the frame's decorative abilities. Black holders are available with traditional wood or economic plastic construction. Framing made from extruded aluminum features thinner profiles. These models come with durable anodized finishes in metallic black or silver. We sell a couple of specialty items as well. For the contemporary interior, we suggest going frameless. These glass clip frames are not only wildly popular, but they're also very affordable. Their frameless design adds modern style, as does our "floating" picture frame. This holder sandwiches your photograph between two plates of glass. The overall effect floats your image within the frame for an attractive and unexpected presentation.

In addition to supporting 8 x 10 images thanks to the included mat board, some models go the opposite direction. What if you have an 11 x 14 size print, yet want to display it with a mat board too? The answer is with a larger frame, specifically one sized at 16" x 20". We've got you covered there as well by offering a handful in this larger format. Displays2go is your #1 choice for in stock, ready-made framing. Whenever you are in the market for more than one of the same frame, keep us in mind. Our bulk discounting is the smart choice!

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