24 x 36 Poster Floor Stands for Strategic and Targeted Marketing

Snap Open and Top Load Floor Stands for 24 x 36 Posters

Anytime a retail business advertises merchandise or a public service, chances are it uses large format graphics in order to get noticed. 24 x 36 poster floor stands are the most common size for the task. Large enough to be seen in a crowd yet equally manageable and portable, these graphics displays are a must for business. Place a frame in front of your store, or out in mallways to take advantage of all that foot traffic. 24 x 36 poster floor stands are excellent marketing tools. Advertise a seasonal sale or a new product rollout. These displays extend the reach of your business in their effort to lure potential customers into your establishment. The majority of our 24 x 36 poster floor stands are also double-sided, so passersby will see your advertisements both coming and going!

What kinds of large format graphics frames do we offer? Standard 24 x 36 poster floor stands feature simple framing or posts that elevate the sign to eye level. Different models are available from simple top loading to front opening snap frames. Optional casters make wheeling out the stand an easy task. Additionally, you can accessorize with brochure holders and trays. Offer takeaway literature for customers while advertising the product/sale/event in the poster frame for a one-two marketing punch. Stands rated for outdoor use are the ubiquitous sidewalk sign. Available in A-frame styles or bases with wind-deflecting designs, these signs are great choices for cafes, pubs, and restaurants. Bring in more foot traffic with a witty epithet or offer tantalizing food and drink specials. Illuminated poster stands (interior use only) provide greater marketing emphasis thanks to their bright LED backlighting. These models are especially useful in shopping malls or locations where an illuminated sign is warranted.

When it comes to professional-quality signage displays, these advertising stands have much to offer the business owner. Manufactured from extruded aluminum or high-density polyethylene, they provide rugged service suitable for any public area. To make a difference, all it takes is one person to notice the ad or post to act on it. A little extra marketing either outside or inside your place of business can greatly improve the bottom line.

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