32" Digital Signage for Commercial Marketing Campaigns

32" Digital Signage Includes Floor Kiosks, A-Frame Signs, and Electronic Posters

Are you looking for a modern way to mix up your in-store marketing campaigns with engaging content and versatile displays? Our 32" digital signage allows advertisers to take advantage of a larger array of promotional campaigns than traditional print media, all from one user-friendly device. Paired with a content management system, and connected through WiFi, Bluetooth, or an ethernet cable, each electronic floor sign can cycle through your catalog of ads, videos, and product images at-will. These 32" digital signage options are compact enough to move between whichever department can utilize their impact the most, making them ideal for boutiques, retail shopping stores, and are even a travel-friendly option for many trade show exhibits. Combine video advertisements with engaging audio to draw customers in, beginning your product's pitch before a sales associate even has to ask how they may help. Our selection of 32" digital signage includes touch screen kiosks, concierge floor stands, A-frame signs, and posters.

How are these electronic floor standing displays best used?
  • Slanted touch screen kiosks are a great solution for hotel concierge, business park lobbies, and directories at large-scale shopping centers, amusement parks, and museums. These devices save employees time by allowing a self-service hub for customers to find what they need, check-in or out, and explore product catalogs in their on time.
  • 32" digital poster signage features a custom backlit graphic panel and locking casters to ensure that vibrant visual content is always placed where it will make the most impact. Change the display at-will from the back office or floor via wireless connectivity to keep up-to-date with seasonal sales changes and new campaigns.
  • Folding A-frame digital signage is great for advertising on-the-go. These mobile electronic posters are lightweight, making them perfect for marketing your products at pop-up events such as trade shows and fairs. Each a-frame digital sign comes with the DisplayIt!Xpress content management system to keep your campaigns fresh, engaging, and well organized.

Include floor standing digital signage into your business' marketing toolbox if you want more visually engaging advertisements to reach your customers. Showcase video, slideshows, images, or even full product catalogs and directories with these touch and non-touch options. Digital floor kiosks are a transformative tool for any showroom floor, pitching products to customers without the need for extra sales associates, or providing a centralized hub for customers to review and explore information. Displays2go offers a range of large format digital signs to meet your advertising needs.

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