32 Inch TV Wall Mount

32" TV Mounts for Wall, Ceiling or Desk

A 32 inch TV wall mount is ideal for hanging smaller screens in your kitchen, office, bedroom, or retail space! Why use a humungous bracket when all your need is one perfectly sized to fit your flat screen? TV wall mounts are great for space saving and organization in any environment because they keep televisions up and out of the way. Why waste valuable floor or counter space? These mounting brackets offer a clean and professional look to any LED or LCD screen they’re used to hang. As long as your 32” TV has matching VESA specifications to the bracket, it will work to mount your screen safely and attractively!

Styles of 32 Inch TV Wall Mounts:

Just because these mounts are designed to fit a smaller screen doesn’t mean they skimp on construction quality and design elements! In fact, this selection offers just about any movement or motion capability you could want from a 32” TV mount! Perhaps the most popular of these capabilities is called full motion or articulating. Customers choose these wall mounts because they offer the widest range in movement. They can be positioned easily to suit any viewing angle and many units pull out from the wall up to a foot or more! We also offer a wide selection of low profile 32” TV brackets. Quite differently from our full motion selection, these mounts are designed to hang flush with a wall. Such mounts are ideal for those who don’t plan to move their flat screen around much, and want it to be as unobtrusive in the space as possible. However, tilting TV wall mounts provide the best of both worlds. They sit close to the wall but still offer some movement for perfect positioning. You’ll often see this type of bracket used in office break rooms or above living room fire places. Other movement styles include panning and rotating - read our article for more information about the movement types and to see GIF’s of each motion in action!

Don’t see the bracket you’re looking for today? Not sure exactly what style of mount you’ll need? Just reach out to our customer service team! A member of our team would be happy to make product recommendations based on your unique needs!

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