48 x 72 Bulletin Boards

72 x 48 Bulletin Boards with Cork or Fabric Backs

Looking for a 72 x 48 bulletin board? All of these notice boards measure 72 x 48 or 48 x 72 (depending on how you hang them) and are perfect for classroom and boardroom use. The large surface provides ample space for working out math equations, brainstorming ideas, or posting community information. 4' x 6' cork boards are ideal for hanging projects, assignments, and noticed in educational and professional settings. Fabric bulletin boards are also great for sharing information at schools, offices, and other community locations. While most of the time these boards are measured in inches, they are sometimes referred to using feet for the dimensions. For example, it might be called a 4' x 6' bulletin board or a 6' x 4' cork board.

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